Saturday, January 31, 2009

January is boring.....

Today is the last day of January and I noticed that I haven't done any really significant posts. I guess I will just update you on some of the goings on at the Salazar home.

Aaron - Unfortunately is still unemployed, so again, if any of you know of anything, please contact us. He started up his last semester this month, now we are only about two and a half months away from graduation. I can't believe he is going to have and MBA. He's so smart and and has worked so hard for this. I am so incredibly proud of him and how hard he has worked to make this happen. My initial plan was to have a huge party with a keg and a bounce house, but unfortunately we won't have the funds. But, it might still happen, just not when he graduates.

Karlyn - Yeah, pretty much nothing. I did get my acceptance letter to the U, so I will be going back to school after a fourteen year break...I'm nervous, wish me luck. How do you study?

Piper - Well, she and I auditioned for "The Jungle Book" but neither one of us made it. And that is okay, it will be nice to have a break. They had a bunch of people try out, but only about 15 made it and no one under 9, Piper did very well at her audition. I do however have to tell you all to go see this show, it is going to be up at Kingsbury Hall the beginning of April. I support Youth Theatre at the U so much, it is such an incredible program and has done so much for our little family. Classes don't start up again until Feb. 11, so no theatre stuff until then. Classes started back up this month for ballet at Bountiful School of Ballet, she has been dancing there since June of 2004. And she has been begging to go back to guitar lessons, but she is good at guitar and is doing very well without lessons....talented little fart.

Teague - Teague auditioned for Miss Saigon at Pioneer Theatre Company and made it! He will be playing the part of Tam, the 3 year old son! He is a Vietnamese boy, so we will be dying his hair black. He thinks this is pretty funny, he might actually look like a Salazar now. He doesn't start rehearsal until April 6. We don't know which shows he will be doing since it is double cast, I will post that information as soon as we find out. He is also doing Youth Theatre at the U, starting February 11. And of course he has been playing Hockey the entire month, practices on Fridays, games on Saturdays. His game this morning was really fun, he wanted to play goalie the entire time. This is something that I have been afraid of since he started playing hockey....that he would want to be a goalie! Any of you that know hockey know that being the goalie is very expensive, they have to wear extra gear - that is expensive - They have to go to extra practices/workshops to learn how to be a goalie - that is expensive. So, we'll see....crap. Luckily he is only 5 and he has a few years to make up his mind.

So, there is January for you. Hopefully February will be a little more eventful.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Veronica Mars

Now, very few people know of my love for the sort of short-lived (only 3 seasons) television series, Veronica Mars. Aaron, being one of them. He watched it with me faithfully each week - whether he admits it or not, he loved it too, at least he loved the first season.

I'm not sure why it was not a more popular series. It was really fabulous, especially the first season. The first season's finale had Aaron and I freaking out for a week. The second season was still great, but not quite as great as the first, the third season, still great, however, not up to par. But I still love all three seasons!!!

A few reasons why it was canceled may be;

* It was on UPN.
* It wasn't as cheesy (for tiny boppers) as say "One Tree Hill" or "Dawson's Creek."
* It didn't get a lot of publicity.
* All of the stars were "no name" except for Enrico Colantoni.

Then, it moved to The CW for the third season, and I think that pretty much sealed the deal. Veronica Mars never "Jumped the Shark." It never dropped dramatically in quality. The writing was always funny, witty and left me at the edge of my seat and the acting was great, so why? Why was Veronica Mars canceled?

My Conclusion is this; Veronica Mars was a brilliant series, however due to the Network merger of UPN and The WB, it failed to live up to the expectations of the Network Executives, meaning The CW survives because of it's teenage shows and Veronica Mars just wasn't juvenile enough. This is just my opinion.

Rumor has it that Rob Thomas is working on a screen-play for Veronica Mars, the movie. I'm not sure how I feel about this. When do movies based on television shows ever work?

A couple of years ago, Aaron got me Season 1 for Christmas.

I bought Season 2 one day when I saw it on sale at Target.

One day, I was having a crappy day. Aaron and the kidlets were at Target and he noticed that Season 3 was on sale, so he got it for me....I felt better. (My Love Language is Receiving Gifts)

And, the Season 4 mini-pilots are on YouTube, go check them out!

Mini-Pilot Part 1

Mini-Pilot Part 2

I have been in the mood to have a Veronica Mars marathon, but how lame is it to have a marathon with yourself? So, this goes out to all my friends that live near me....Do any of you want to have a Veronica Mars marathon with me? We can do it over a few days, not in a row, but maybe every other weekend for awhile...or something. I'm just in the mood!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Not me silly! Our friend, Corinne, is doing a giveaway on "The Book Nest." This is her own book review blog. I'm pretty sure that she has read every book ever written. Anyway, her sister has written a book about her experiences while studying abroad in Jerusalem in 2000 when the Pakistani police and the Israeli rioters fought for months.....

Maybe I should just give you the link to the giveaway and you can read everything for yourself!!! You have until Saturday to enter. The more people that enter, the more books will be given away.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm keeping my word!

I hope that you all remember this post. Well, it has been a year and about 4 months, and I still have not stepped foot into the Wal-Mart!

The other night, Teague had a pretty bad cough I had been giving him some medicine, but I realized at about midnight that it wasn't cough medicine, it was just for itchy throat and stuffy nose. He didn't have a stuffy nose or anything really, just a cough. I had his humidifier with vicks going, but he was still coughing pretty bad. He was dead asleep, but coughing (how does he do that?).

At about 1:45 a.m. I ask Aaron if I should run to Walgreens to get some cough medicine. He said that he thought it was a good idea, but he hated to see me go this late at night. He was pretty much asleep. I decided to go ahead and go. It is about five miles away, I got there at about 2:00. When I got there, I went right back to the cough medicines and I was struggling with the decision, the pharmacist came and helped me, it was wonderful. I am so happy that I drove over there even though Wal-mart was open and closer. I am so happy that the pharmacist was so willing to help a crazy mom in the middle of the night.

This just goes to show that it is possible to not shop at Wal-Mart! In fact, the temptation wasn't even there! It didn't even cross my mind to go there. I've heard some people say that they think Walgreens is 'ghetto,' If Walgreens is 'ghetto,' then please, tell me what is Wal-Mart? To me, anything is better than Wal-Mart.

When I got home, I gave Teague the medicine - I don't think that he actually woke up - and a few minutes later the coughing subsided and we all slept well.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cristmas day at about 12:30.......continued......

Christmas day at about 12:30 I was helping Teague get dressed and he looked at me and said, "It hurts really bad!"
I ask, "What hurts really bad?"
"My ear."
After talking it over with Aaron, we decided that I better take him to the ER. We decided to do this this mostly because of this post. When we got there, it was not busy at all, so I checked him in with the lady at the desk, She made me mad!!! She ask me, "When is his birthday?"
I said, "May 22, 2003."
"So he's 5?"
"Yes, he's 5."
"He doesn't look 5."
"He's a little small for his age."
Then she looks at Teague and asks, "How old are you?"
Teague said, "5."
"When's your birthday?"
"May 22."
"What grade are you in?"
Then she turns to me and asks, "Are you sure he's 5?"
"Well, he doesn't look 5."
"I promise, he is 5."

Geez. And, why the crap does it matter anyway? I just brought him in to be checked! I would want the doctor to check him if he was 1 or if he was 21.

So, we go back into a room with a curtain, there is a family on the other side of the curtain. Now normally this wouldn't bother me, but it was obvious that a few of them had just come in from smoking outside. It was really stinky and very hard to breathe. And, this family was very loud, it consisted of a grandma, a grandpa, a mom, a dad, an uncle and a son that was probably about 3. I gathered this information due to our close proximity and the fact that they were so loud. How did they all fit behind that curtain?

As Teague and I waited patiently I was hoping to find a nurse or somebody to ask them if we could get a different room. But no one ever walked by and when I went out to look, I couldn't find anybody. At one point, they came and got the 'sick' gentleman (the grandpa) to get an x-ray, I tried to talk to the nurse then, but was unsuccessful. When he went to get his x-ray, the grandma, the mom and the dad went outside to have another cigarette while the uncle stayed with the son. They came back in, and poor little Teague ask me why they smell so bad. The gentleman came back and about 2 minutes later the doctor finally came in. He wished us Merry Christmas, then ask what the problem was. I explained to him how Teague doesn't complain about stuff so it worried me that he actually had etc...etc...etc...

It ends up that Teague did have an infection, a bad one. Luckily, this doc isn't a big antibiotics fan, so he gave me some suggestions and told me that if he didn't feel better in 3 days to fill a prescription.

We made it to my mom's house with plenty of time, in fact, we were the first ones there. Our trip to the ER on Christmas day will always be remembered...not only because it was on Christmas day, but because of the lady that didn't believe Teague was 5, because of the Smoking Family, because of the $100.00 co-pay and because we couldn't find anyone when we needed them. Then again.......can you ever find someone when you need them at the hospital while you are waiting?

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I hate that my life is crazy in December! With Western Nut I feel like I don't have time to do anything. I thought that I would just give you a quick update on the things that went on in December.

The kidlets had their Theatre School performance or 'open share.' It was so fun to see how far they have come. Teague's class acted out a story about the winter cold and snow and what it does to your body. For example; snow getting in your pants and mucus running down your nose. It was very cute.

Piper's class did "The Share Bears" Piper was Honey face.

Piper's ballet did a small performance. parents just come to class and watch the little Christmas dance that they have been working on.

Teague had a few Hockey practices and a couple of games.

Piper's school class did a little performance, I didn't make it, but Aaron did. They sang Christmas songs as if they were animals.

She is also in the school choir and they had a couple of performances, they all played the ukulele and made it a Hawaiian Christmas, Piper even had a solo, which she nailed!!!

Christmas Eve was spent with Grammie Annie and Grandpa John - again, I was at work, so I didn't make it - We got "Guitar Hero World Tour" from them. Then we met up at Aunt Val's for some more fun. And....we don't have any pictures! We have video.

Christmas Morning was fantastic! The kids didn't wake up until shortly before 9!!! We are blessed with good sleepers. The kids got exactly what they wanted. Teague got a telescope and some Iron man action figures. Piper got a bright yellow ipod and some Littlest Pet Shop. And....I didn't take pictures!!! I KNOW, I can't believe it either. We did film the entire thing though. Aaron and I got each of the kids and outfit. I gave Aaron some pajama bottoms and he gave me "Mama Mia." Piper gave me a watch and some earrings and Teague gave me the "Wicked" soundtrack. Piper gave Aaron "Dracula," the book and Teague gave him some Jack Skellington stuff.

I can actually pull some stills off of the camera from the video, but I am not very computer literate and I can't figure it out!! Trust me, I've tried. And, the videos are far too long. If I do find some pictures or figure it out, I will post them. Same thing with ballet and hockey, but these ones are on my phone.

Christmas day at about 12:30 I was helping Teague get dressed and he looked at me and said, "It hurts really bad!" (to be continued in the next post......)

We met up at my parents house at 2 for ham and a bunch of other yummy food. Unfortunately not all of my brothers (and their families) were there. It was still nice. My mom is a fabulous cook and everything was delicious. And of course all of the grandkids got spoiled rotten. Seriously, what would we do without grandparents?

Christmas night - this is what it looked like outside of my house -

we went over to Aaron's mom's house for a little Guitar Hero.......I'm not sure what to say here except Thank you to John and Annie, or maybe I shouldn't say Thank You. It really is a bad addiction.

My wonderful husband said that he would work at Western Nut the day after Christmas, which was so nice of him since it opened at SEVEN A.M., and everything went SIXTY PERCENT off. Then, that night, the kiosk closed. This is the earliest it has ever closed.

So, now that Western Nut and the holidays are behind us, I need to find a job....and so does Aaron. Actually, Aaron had an interview yesterday that seemed to go really well, so, we'll see. And hopefully I can be a little more diligent with the blog.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Madame Butterfly pics

Here are some pictures of Teague from Madame Butterfly that I never posted.....until now!

Since we were in China while he was performing, I don't have anymore pictures. But, I do have some pictures that the photographer that was hired by the Utah Opera took, however, I can't post them due to copyright stuff. So, if you want to see them....Come on over!