Friday, April 27, 2007

Welcome to the Salazar Family Four Blog

Welcome to the new Salazar Family Four blog. We will be posting stories and pictures of our family for all to read. We hope you will check back often and make comments as well. Also, you will notice that we have a calendar on the left side of this page. This will include any dates that we feel are important for our extended family to know about. These dates may include birthdays, school events, etc.


Annie said...

My grandbabies are the best ever. Piper, it is GREAT you are a froglet [Ribbittt, Ribbittt], in the play HONK. Teague, you can sure tumble. Standing on your hands with your friends, like in the picture sure made you look just like Spiderman. [Heeee,Heee] Love Ya Lots,
Grammie Annie

Corinne said...

Friends! So, you didn't technically invite me to your blog, but since you commented on mine I feel like I'm free to look and comment :) Hopefully you won't mind if I put you on my blogroll? I'm so pleased that I'll get to keep up with you :)