Friday, July 31, 2009

A New Approach To Blogging

Ever since I got home from China, blogging has not been as easy for me to do. At first, I could blame it on Western Nut and Christmas. Then Aaron got laid off and I would tell myself that I didn't blog because he was always home and I had to entertain him. But, I could play on Facebook, so that obviously isn't the reason. I am mad at myself for a couple of reasons;

- I was an avid journal keeper from the ages of about 11 to 21.

Then for some reason I just stopped. This bothers me, because I will read my journals and be so happy that I have those memories written down. I have attempted a few times since I have been married, but it only lasts a couple of months.
-Blogging has been a great way to 'journal' since I don't scrapbook. It has been a great way to hang on to those memories for my kidlets sake. This, is why I am angry....I don't want them to forget these wonderful memories.

So, I've been thinking.....I follow a few blogs where at the end of the entry they list a few things that they are thankful for that particular day. My last 'journaling attempt' (back in the summer of 2007) I did this. I called them *MM's* Mini Miracles. I am going to start doing this as well. I hope those of you that I follow that do this don't mind that I am taking it on myself. Some days, I may only have one *MM,* because it might just be *one of those days!* I mean, what if I have a really crappy day or week and I am just not thankful for anything? And, some days I might have several, I just don't know. Let's see how it goes.

Also, I am just going to make them Short, Sweet and to the point and maybe include a picture or two. I want people to read my entries, rather than just skim through and look at the pictures. (Did I just admit that I am guilty of this? Ooops, sorry!) I think I may even try to make them more pleasing to the eye. (WATCH OUT!! I might start getting a little kree8ive!)

So...Stay tuned! I will start tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Plea

Some of you may remember

Well, seven months later, here we are....still jobless.

Now I'm not sure, but I feel like we have exhausted all means. We have been financially okay (Really, there is absolutely no logical explanation for this), but we aren't going to be much longer.

My husband needs a job!

But, here is the deal; It has to be a 'career job.' Believe me, Aaron would be out flippin' burgers to help the family, but ANY type of job, we lose unemployment. With the unemployment we get medical benefits, so, flippin' burgers isn't an option. And besides after spending all those years in school to get his degrees, we're kinda, sorta hopin' he can use them.

Can you get my husband a job?

Please, if you know of any jobs, or contacts for jobs could you please get us the information? There is a link to my e-mail on my profile page, and

Here is a link to his Resume!
(there is a link on the right hand side to get to the actual resume)

In the meantime, our families will be doing a special fast this Sunday, July 12. If any of you would like to lend your support......please join us.