Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frog and Toad and Wizard of Oz..Oh my!

So, here's the deal

Piper and Teague are both participating in

"A Year with Frog and Toad"
at Kingsbury Hall, Nov. 18, 19 & 20

it will be presented by Youth Theatre at the U.

It's going to be fantastic.


Here is a link with all of the information

A Year with Frog and Toad

Piper will be participating in

"The Wizard of Oz"
at Kingsbury Hall, Dec. 3 & 4

it will be presented by Broadway in Utah, Broadway Across America.

It too is going to be fantastic


Here is a link with all of the information

Wizard of Oz

1. Frog and Toad

2. Wizard of Oz

3. YTU

4. Broadway Across America

5. NewSpace Entertainment

6. Kingsbury Hall

(That's a lot of MM's!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Marriage advice

This is a totally random post, but I have found myself pondering about this particular thing a lot lately.

Before I got married, I had a lot of showers, like 8.

At every one of those showers advice was given, some good, some strange, some know what I am saying, right?

At every single one of my showers, at least 1 person (usually more) would give the advice...


Okay, whatever.

Um...I SO DO NOT agree with this advice.

In the 90's, there was this really popular book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" I even got a couple of copies as wedding gifts, I'm pretty sure this is where the advice came from.

For the record, I HATE that book. It didn't 'help' me, in fact, according to that book, I am a man and Aaron is a woman.

Now, whenever I am at a bridal shower and I am asked to give advice, this is what I say or write,

It is okay to go to bed mad. Sometimes, you need 8 hours or so to cool off. Sometimes you need 8 hours or so to clear your head. Sometimes you need 8 hours or so to just not deal with him. Sometimes you need 8 hours or so to realize that you are arguing about something STUPID. So, go to sleep and wake up with a clear head and perspective on the previous night. You may not even remember what you were arguing about, but either way, you will have a good night's sleep, which is much more important than winning an argument.

I remember a fifth Sunday meeting about four years ago, our Stake Patriarch and his wife were talking to us about marriage. He said, "...I think it is okay to go to bed mad, you may just need a good night's rest." I leaned over to Aaron and said, "I'm so glad he said that!"

I make it sound like Aaron and I argue a lot.

We actually rarely argue,

The other advice I give?


Aaron and I still hold hands. When we are together, we are holding hands, unless we are holding kidlet hands. I love this about us.

1. A good marriage
2. A good nights sleep
3. Holding hands

Sunday, September 12, 2010


After a two year break, Piper started up Jazz again!

She was seriously SO excited. I was actually surprised at how excited she was!

A lot of the girls that are in her Ballet class are in Jazz with her, they are so cute.

1. Jazz
3. Friends to dance with

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hip Hop

After months of begging - but only a couple of weeks after signing him up - he finally started!

I found a class for just boys at Dance Impressions!
Thanks Kandee!

Tonight was his first class, and he loved it!

When we were driving home, he said,

"I'm gonna do the 'cool walk' for the girls at school tomorrow!"


1. Boys Hip Hop
2. Dance Impressions
3. Teague

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I'm back!

With these people/students!

Oh how


1. University of Utah
2. Theatre Department
3. All these Theatre Majors!

Monday, September 6, 2010

First day of school

I realize that I am a little late on this post.

I have a feeling that I may be a little less active on the blog due to school, but I will try as hard as I can.

But, here they are! Aren't they cute?

Piper 5th grade

Teague 2nd grade

One of the disadvantages of having an east facing house is that the first day of school pictures are always funny because my shadow is in the picture and the sun is in their eyes!

1. 5th grade
2. 2nd grade

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Lion King

Our little family had the opportunity to go see "The Lion King."

I didn't tell the kidlets what was going on, they just new that we were going somewhere that they had to dress nice. I even parked in the parking garage without them figuring it out!

It wasn't until we rounded the corner and Piper saw the Marquee that it clicked.

It was a matinee so we met Aaron out there.

We had fantastic seats! Center section on the floor about half-way back.

The kidlets were excited...SO excited.

The opening number set the mood.
Watching Piper and Teague watch the show brought tears to my eyes...literally...When Teague leaned over to Aaron and said, "I think this is going to be the best show I've ever seen!" I knew it was going to be a day to remember.

I'm SO glad that we were able to see it as a family. It was not my favorite show, but costumes, lights, sound and set were amazing and so were the actors...that would be a hard show to do.

Even though it wasn't my favorite show, it will always be one of my favorite memories with my family.

1. My family
2. Making Memories
3. The Lion King
4. NewSpace Entertainment

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Grocery Store

Growing up, every Saturday afternoon I went to the Grocery Store with my mom. It's just what I did! She didn't ask me if I wanted to go, I just did. The only time I didn't go was if I had other plans, like the skating rink (we would still usually go, only before I went Roller Skating), or spending the day at a friends house, or a date, or if I lived somewhere else.

Yes, I said 'a date.'

Yes, I said 'if I lived somewhere else.'

I went Grocery shopping at Dicks Market (sometimes Albertson's) every Saturday with my mom up until I got married.

No, I'm not kidding.

I thought that this is what girls did with their moms...

Looking back, I realize this is not necessarily the case. I realize now, that I was the only High School girl at Dick's Market with her mom on a Saturday afternoon.

So, when I ask Piper if she wants to go to the store with me and she says no, I can't quite figure it out!

My mom didn't ask me if I wanted to go, she would say, "Are you ready to go?" or, "Before we go to Dicks, I need to pick up..."

Piper, will say, "Mom, shopping just isn't my thing!"

That makes me wonder...Is grocery shopping my thing? I mean, I've been doing it FOREVER!

And my answer is NO WAY!!

I dread it!
I put it off for as long as possible!
I HATE going when I have my kidlets with me!
I DO NOT go every Saturday...not even close!

Is all of the Grocery Shopping Hate due to the fact that I went FAR TOO MUCH as a child? What do you think?

1. Memories of Grocery Shopping with Mom
2. Dicks Market (especially the Bakery)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Is he okay?

One day back in May when I went into Teague's classroom to pick him up
(I was at the school directing a play for the fourth graders, but Teague didn't know - I didn't want him to walk out back and wait for me when I was right there)

The substitute teacher asked me,

"Is he okay?"

To that I responded,

"Oh no! What happened?"

"He's just so small! He's so much shorter than everyone else! Is he drinking his milk?"

"He is fine. His being short has nothing to do with whether or not he is drinking his milk. He's growing fine. His doctor is not concerned and neither am I. AND, it doesn't bother him! He has the personality to make up for it."

More recently, in July, I was sitting on the bleachers watching both kidlets play hockey, when one of the moms (that I've known for awhile) turned to me and said,

" Teague EVER going to grow?"

"Actually, he is growing. Just in the last four months he has grown about 2 inches."
"He just looks so little out there on the ice compared to everyone else! Has his doctor run any tests?"


Actually, since he is growing just fine and he is 'on' the charts, he isn't worried and neither am I! Besides, it doesn't bother Teague at all, so why should it bother me?"

Honestly people!! Look at him! Yes, he is short. But, there is obviously NOTHING wrong with him. He is proportionate and coordinated and everything else that leads to the conclusion of *normal.*

I DO NOT want Teague's height to become an issue. As of yet, it has not been. So please help me by NOT MAKING IT ONE!

1. Teague's Personality
2. That there is nothing wrong with him

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The News

I used to watch the News, especially the 10:00 p.m. News.
I grew up in a family that watched the News.
I know that my parents still watch it, religiously.

A few years ago, I quit watching it. I can't remember why, I just did. I think it started to bother me. All the depressing things going on in the world mixed with all of the fluff. I can't remember, I just stopped watching it.

Except for in the mornings, I turn the news on so I know what the weather and traffic are like, but of course I hear all of the other news as well.

So, I (reluctantly) watch Fox13 News, mostly because:

1.The kidlets love Big Budah
2.We don't have cable and our box only gets good reception on 13
3.I think that the anchors are a bit twitty, so they make me laugh. They don't seem to know how to deliver a sad or sobering story, I take it all with a grain of salt.
As soon as the weather or traffic come on, my eyes and ears are glued.

Yesterday however, for some unknown reason, as I was cleaning, I watched the News
Seriously, I have no idea why, I would switch the channels and keep it on a channel that was airing news, even with bad reception!

When Aaron came home, I told him I had been watching the news all day and that I thought I had better stop watching it, so I did.

Aaron and I had a very nice conversation about his day and some other things - including, discussing stuff I had seen on the news. After our conversation, Aaron went downstairs to do some stuff.

I began watching the news again!

I don't know what I was thinking!

I won't tell you what the story was (I don't even know what channel it was), but they were talking about a statistic among Americans. I couldn't believe the statistic! So, I YELLED at the television,


To that, Aaron hollered back,

"Maybe you should stop watching the News!"

I did.

Then I started thinking back on my day. Had I been yelling at the television all day?

Embarrassingly, I admit...indeed, I had.

Now, I remember why I don't watch the News, it pisses me off.

1. My house getting clean
2. Good News Programs
3. Aaron

Friday, July 23, 2010

About me (my mothering part 1)

*I am a Mom. My kidlets are the most important thing in the world to me, they are my heart, I would die for them.

I may not mother the same way you do, but that does not make the way I do it wrong or better than your way.

Some things that are important to me in my mothering, may not seem that important to you. I will give you a list of things that are important to me - in no particular order,


-My BIGGEST pet peeve is 'baby talk.' Why it is even called 'baby talk' is beyond me, because even babies don't *talk* 'baby talk.' My kidlets know that they DO NOT do this. My kidlets friends know that they DO NOT do this when they are playing with them. My kidlets WILL get punished if they 'baby talk.' Aaron and I have NEVER 'baby talked' to the kidlets. We have always talked to them like everybody should...normally. They are human. I personally feel like it is disrespectful to 'talk down' to anybody, no matter their age, so we don't.'s all I can do to not punch someone (specifically a Dr. at KidsCare) in the face when they 'baby talk' to my kidlets, I'm pretty sure that my blood actually boils when it happens.

-Whispering. Holy Hell, this is right up there with Baby Talk. It is mean and disrespectful to whisper when you are around other people. And, it's just annoying to whisper at all. I understand that some children are shy and it is hard for them to speak up, but I'm bothers me. You will always hear and understand what my kidlets have to say. Not because they are yelling, but because they are not whispering and they are speaking properly and not 'baby talking.'

-Table manners. Piper and Teague have been using utensils since they could hold them, before they were a year old. AND, they hold them PROPERLY! They DO NOT slurp their soup, or handle the noodles with their hands. They do however use their hands when they are eating "FINGER FOOD," or when eating a hot dog or hamburger or sandwich, which requires them to pick it up. They DO NOT chew with their mouths open (sometimes we have to remind them), or talk with their mouths full. They also wash their hands before they eat. Proper table manners is all I'm asking for.

I have to tell you an experience we had at our house when a TEN year old friend of Piper's came over for the simple lunch of Ramen Noodles one day. The girls made the Ramen themselves. They put out the place mats on the table and carried their bowls over and put them on the table. They grabbed a fork and a spoon (Piper prefers to use both) and some crackers (we eat saltines with our Ramen - a very good way to get bloated) I about DIED when Piper's friend began eating her Ramen with her hands and was getting the broth everywhere. I politely ask her to please use either a spoon or a fork to eat her Ramen, she did. But...she held her spoon like a (as my mom would say) a Caveman as she slurped her Ramen into her mouth. AND, her long hair was getting in her bowl as she leaned over to didn't seem to bother her. It was obviously bothering Piper, but she is such a good person, she didn't say or do anything. Me on the other hand...I left the room. This is EXACTLY how I don't want my kids to eat.

-Manners in general. 'Please' and 'Thank You' mean more than most any other words. I hope and pray that my kidlets say 'Please' and 'Thank You' more than they should. They do when I am around, so I hope they do when I'm not.

If the only words you speak are "thank you," it will be enough.
(one of my favorite quotes)

-We live in a very sheltered community. SO, So, so many people ask me why I don't enroll my kidlets at the local Community Theatre's children's program. There are several reasons why I don't, but most importantly, I want my kidlets to see that there is a world outside of the little bubble that we live in. I want my kidlets to know that not everybody is Mormon. I want my kidlets to know and be friends with people outside of our neighborhood, outside of our ward/stake and outside of their school. This is very important to me.

-As stated before, we live in a very sheltered community. I don't ever want my kidlets to feel sheltered. I want them to be raised with an open mind and want them to be able to think freely. I think that by letting them do stuff outside of the bubble helps. I also don't want them to feel like I am over-protective. I am the mom that drops my kidlets off at whatever they might be going to. I do not stay. I drop Teague off at Hockey practice (I help get him in his gear). I drop Piper off at Ballet. I drop them off at Theatre School. I drop them off at guitar (when they are taking). I drop them off at whatever rehearsal is going on at the time. Then...I leave. I pick them up when it is over. I have ALWAYS done this, always, ever since they were little. Unless it is a game or a performance, I am not there. Not only does this *force* them to be social and to interact with everybody, including adults, it also teaches them that they can trust me. I always come back to get them.
*For the record - I would never let my kidlets be involved with anything/anybody that I didn't trust entirely! After all, they are my heart...

-I know that when my kidlets leave the house they are clean and their hair is combed or done. They may not be clean and their hair may not be perfect when they come home, but when they leave...

Because these things are important to me, I am pretty strict about them. I can say that my kidlets don't talk 'baby talk' or whisper. They have have proper table manners along with good manners in general. I feel like my kidlets are very well adjusted and not shy. I love it when my kidlets initiate conversations with if they were forty year old adults.

This is good for now. On my next "About me" I will list some of the things that are probably very important to you, but not so important to may be surprised!

1. Being a Momma

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I got the following text message from Aaron

"Caught Teague peeing in the backyard!"

1. Little boys

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I personally think...

That they are the cutest, most beautiful thumbs in the whole entire world!

Some people call them 'clubbed thumbs.'
Some people call them meaner names that I won't mention here.
But, the actual term for Piper's cute as heck thumbs is Brachydactyly type D or BDD.

1 in 1,000 people are born with BDD. However, most of them only have one thumb with it! Piper is lucky, both of her thumbs have it. It is said to be hereditary, but we can think of no one on either side that has had or has this.

I remember that one of my SUU roomies and dear friend has BDD, but I can remember if it is on one or both of her thumbs.

And, there are a couple of famous people with it as well, the two that are known for it have it on both of their thumbs, just like Piper!

I tried to find pictures of them where you could see their thumbs, but it's not focused on their thumbs.

Malin Akerman

Megan Fox

And, if you're a nerd like me, you may remember Ashley Lynn Cafagna, better know today as Ashley Tesoro. She was in "Saved by the bell: The new class." I could only find one picture where she didn't have on nails, but I included a picture of both. These pictures are like 15 years old, because she has apparently fallen off the face of the earth.

And all three of these women are gorgeous.

Piper also has chubby little hands and fingers. However, I never really thought that this would be an issue. Her hands look just like Grandpa Johns (except the thumbs). She still has those cute little dimples that babies have. I LOVE IT.

You can totally pick Pipers hands out of this picture of her and her friends hands.

We have had problems with one little girl at school that started calling her "Big Thumbs." Yeah...I made sure that was taken care of. Piper has always kind of taken pride in her thumbs and hands, but recently she has been asking me about them and why they don't look like mine and why they look different. I hope that I am handling it in the right way, but no matter what, I love those hands and fingers...

1. Chubby hands
2. Chubby fingers
3. Her cute thumbs

Monday, July 19, 2010


Every year my mom and I go to Fairview for the Fairview Lace Days.

Every year we (my mom - which is a whole different's hell)
drive the one hundred and seven miles. Both ways.

Every year we go to the Museum and watch the lacers.

Every year we buy stuff to actually lace ourselves.

Every year we say that we are going to take classes and start lacing.

Every year...we don't start classes and we don't lace ourselves!

Bobbin Lace is something that I have always been interested in!
I've always wanted to do it.

This year, my dad came along, and so did the kidlets!

So, I took my camera!

I took ONE picture.

Every year, this is where we eat lunch.

I'm pretty sure that there isn't another eating establishment in town.


1. Home Plate Cafe

2. Lace Days

3. That I might actually take classes this year...might.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I might just be

The meanest mom ever.

Actually, I've been told that I am several times, but I don't think they said that I was this day.

I told them that if I was going to pay for them to climb the rock wall,
they better climb to the top

because I didn't want my money wasted.

Okay, so a couple of years ago I paid for them to climb a rock wall and they climbed like a foot. I was mad. I didn't want it to happen again...

They climbed to the top!

I was proud!

I was not mad!

My money was not wasted!

1. A fun rock wall
2. Willing kidlets
3. A successful climb

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm sorry, but


What in the hell was the casting director hearing when he/she heard her voice?

(Vanessa Hudgens)



The first time that I wanted to kill myself while having to listen to her sing was when she first opened her mouth in "High School Musical." I honestly thought it was a joke! Luckily we don't watch that movie anymore, we never really watched that much in the first place.

Piper and I were making friendship bracelets the other night while listening to "Princess Disney Mania," I don't mind the CD too much, I think that a lot of the girls are way overboard on the whole 'pop' idea, but at least they have a quality tone. However, as soon as "Colors of the Wind" came on, I again wanted to kill myself!! I cannot believe I listened to the entire song, I gagged a few times and had to plug my ears the entire time.




I know that Piper agrees, she said to me,

"And it really sucks that she is so bad, because 'Colors of the Wind' is one of the best songs!"

1. Those girls that can sing
2. Those girls that don't sing through their nose
3. Good singers

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It is possible that I might be a little obsessed

I do not own an iPod
(However all three other members of my family do)

I do own an iPhone
(mostly because Aaron is a Mac freak, but I'm so glad I do and that he is)

The only music on my iPhone is this

The CD's are in my car, and that is what I am usually listening to.
(my car is fourteen years old, that is why I still play CD's in it)

1. Glee
2. My iPhone
3. A CD player in my car

Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't Judge me!

If you know me at all, you know how much I can LOVE certain foods.

When I was pregnant with Teague, we discovered a restaurant in downtown Salt Lake called "Third & Main."

Unfortunately, it isn't there anymore.

They had the best fried pickles EVER!


Luckily after they closed I could still get my fried pickle fix at the Arts Festival (but, not anymore) and also at "The Garden," atop the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (I'm pretty sure they still have them, I haven't been there recently).

Aaron can also make a mean fried pickle! Sometimes if I'm really nice he'll make them for me!

But until then, I now have a new favorite place for my love of fried pickles!

The Bayleaf Cafe

They are scrumptious!

They also have a mean Chicken and Waffles!

1. Fried Pickles
2. The Bayleaf Cafe
3. Chicken and Waffles

Friday, July 9, 2010

About me

Again, before you begin reading - if you haven't already - PLEASE read my disclaimer in my header!

I ask you to read my disclaimer, because I am in NO WAY wanting to start a debate. If you have questions about my beliefs, please e-mail me, I will be happy to respond, as long as you are nice.

*I am a Latter Day Saint (Mormon).

Belle Photos

I believe in my religion and I practice it. This doesn't mean that I think your religion is bad or wrong. If you are happy with your faith and it works for you, I respect that, as should everybody.

I personally think that it all comes down to you and your relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

If I were to ask you,

"What would you do if you knew that Christ was going to knock on your door tomorrow?"

I hope your answer would be...

"Answer it (with no hesitation) and give him a hug."

That's what my answer is.

I would leave my Coke in my fridge and possibly offer him one!
I might make my bed, I might not.
He would most likely wake me up, so I wouldn't have on make-up or have my hair done.
Guaranteed my house would not be immaculate.
My yard would have weeds.

What I am saying is, I am comfortable with the way I am living and I know that I am a child of God and he loves me even if my bed isn't made, I have on no make up, my house and yard are a little messy and I'm drinking a Coke.

*I am a registered Democrat! I know! GASP!! And, that is okay. However, here in Utah, being registered as a Democrat actually hurts my voting ability! I cannot vote for everything that I would like to, so when I register again, I will change that, but only so I can vote for things that I can't otherwise.
- I am pro choice
- I do not believe in Capital Punishment
- I don't like guns
- I believe in equal rights
- I believe society should help provide for people that can't provide for themselves
- I believe minimum wage should be more substantial
- I am totally okay with higher taxes for higher income
- I believe a good education is way too expensive
- I am absolutely 100% supportive of stem-cell research
- War? Not good

The reason I did these two things about me on the same post is because I have actually had fellow "Mormons" tell me - to my face - that it is impossible to be LDS and a Democrat. To that, I disagree.

When President Gordon B. Hinkley was asked, at a National Press Club, "Given the platform and positions taken by the Democratic Party, can you be a good church member and a Democrat?" He answered, "Yes, I think so."

The following is a list of prominent LDS church leaders that are or were Democrats:
(I do realize that there is no way to know for sure on all of these, but we do know for sure on some)

Heber J. Grant (our 7 Prophet)
Anthony R. Ivins
Charles W. Penrose
John R. Winder
John W. Young
Stephen L. Richards
Henry D. Moyle
Hugh B. Brown
N. Eldon Tanner
Orson F. Whitney
Franklin D. Richards
Moses Thatcher
Abraham H. Cannon
Melvin J. Ballard
Joseph F. Merrill
James E. Faust (also chairman of the Utah Democrats at one point)
Boyd K. Packer
B. H. Roberts
Edward Stevenson
Jacob Gates
Rulon S. Wells
Hugh Nibley
Charles H. Hart
Antoine R. Ivins
Marlin K. Jensen
Melvin Hammond
Stephen Snow
Richard P. Lindsay (also a Democratic State Legislator in both the Senate and the House)
David O. McKay (our 9 Prophet)

And, in case you are interested, here are some links that I like about being a Mormon Democrat.
Burning Bosom
All About Mormons
A Statement from Wayne Holland
Too many LDS are shunning Democrats
(with this one, I want to make it clear, that this in no way, shape or form is happening in my ward. But interesting and sad)

1. Being LDS
2. Being a Democrat
3. My Freedom to choose to be both

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Piper was not feeling well a couple of weeks ago...

I will spare you the details, because I don't want to gross you out and I don't want to embarrass Piper.

It all started on Tuesday June 22, when we woke up she was complaining of a stomach ache. Seriously, not a big deal, Piper has always had tummy aches...always. I told her to get up, get going and to eat something and she would probably feel better.

As we were driving up to Theatre School I kept asking her how she was feeling, her answer was always the same..."My tummy still hurts really badly."

We were on our way to Theatre School! If it were an ordinary school day, I wouldn't think much of it, but this is Piper's livelyhood! We got to the West Institute and I walked the kidlets in - something I NEVER do - and a couple of Piper's teachers asked her if she was okay, because she didn't look too good! I knew we had a problem. I thought that I would just go to the U of U clinic in case it wasn't a big deal, then I could just drop her back off to Theatre School (I know what you are thinking, but honestly, this is Theatre School we are talking about), unfortunately, they didn't take our insurance, so I headed down to the IHC InstaCare on 2100 S and 900 E. They got us right in. The doctor came and pushed on Piper's tummy and legs and said that he thought it was an appendicitis! So, they took pee and blood and ordered an Ultrasound at the Salt Lake Clinic.

And, we were off...

Then, a major barf-o-rama took place in my car. She told me that she felt like she was going to throw-up, so I pulled over to the side of the road and she opened her door...

She barfed all over...IN MY CAR!

We quickly went to the car wash (she said that her tummy felt better), right when I was finishing up, she told me that it hurt really badly again.

We made it to the clinic right in time. They did an ultrasound on her tummy and the conclusion was...gastrointestinal, appendicitis!

However, she had to do a clear liquid diet for two days!

After talking to her, we decided to go to the last part of Theatre School and I would go with, just in case, however, she needed some shoes.


So we ran to Smith's Market Place, and this is when we determined no Theatre School at all that day, she could barely walk.


I took her to my mom's while I got Teague and explained what was going on to YTU staff...

She went to Theatre School on Wednesday, with all of her liquids.

She went to Theatre School on Thursday, with all of her liquids.

She went to Theatre School on Friday, but...

Right when I got home her teacher called me to tell me that Piper was not doing so well.


We played it by ear for an hour, then I went up and got her.

This time I decided to take her to Primary Children's ER. I figured, even if we were there all day, at least we would leave knowing what the hell was wrong with her little tummy!

We were there all day.

The doctor felt her tummy, and did some x-rays.

We did leave knowing what was wrong with her little tummy.

It was heart wrenching watching her go through what she had to go through to take care of it. Piper said to me, "Momma, it hurts so bad!" (she hasn't called me Momma in a very long time) I cried. Hard. Then she said to me, "Momma, why are YOU crying?" I explained to her that it hurt me to see her hurt so much. We both cried through it together.

We left. Piper felt 100% better, we even went to a party that night.

Piper missed TWO days of Theatre School because of her damn tummy! Piper will probably always have tummy issues. We just need to make sure she eats properly and reports her poops.

1. Piper's Strength
(perfect part in Everyman)
2. Primary Children's

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

YTU post...mostly pictures!!

I will try not to bore you with an entirely too long of post, but I will entertain you with some pictures.

YTU was awesome this year! It was so fun that both kidlets were able to be in the pre-teen session.

Both kidlets made some new 'bff's'.

And, both kidlets still have the same 'bff's' as usual.

YTU friends are truly the BEST!

Here is Piper as 'Strength' in 'Everyman.' She was FANTASTIC!

Here is Teague in 'Jack and the Beanstalk' during 'Killer' sung to 'Thriller.' He was HYSTERICAL! Here, he is shimmying!

(sorry about the head)

The last night of performances was hard. Here they are doing the theme song.

Here they are with the one and only Penny, the Artistic Director of YTU.

And, here is some crying that went on and on and on and on and on...

1. YTU
2. Old Friends
3. New Friends
4. Incredibly talented kidlets