Monday, August 9, 2010

Is he okay?

One day back in May when I went into Teague's classroom to pick him up
(I was at the school directing a play for the fourth graders, but Teague didn't know - I didn't want him to walk out back and wait for me when I was right there)

The substitute teacher asked me,

"Is he okay?"

To that I responded,

"Oh no! What happened?"

"He's just so small! He's so much shorter than everyone else! Is he drinking his milk?"

"He is fine. His being short has nothing to do with whether or not he is drinking his milk. He's growing fine. His doctor is not concerned and neither am I. AND, it doesn't bother him! He has the personality to make up for it."

More recently, in July, I was sitting on the bleachers watching both kidlets play hockey, when one of the moms (that I've known for awhile) turned to me and said,

" Teague EVER going to grow?"

"Actually, he is growing. Just in the last four months he has grown about 2 inches."
"He just looks so little out there on the ice compared to everyone else! Has his doctor run any tests?"


Actually, since he is growing just fine and he is 'on' the charts, he isn't worried and neither am I! Besides, it doesn't bother Teague at all, so why should it bother me?"

Honestly people!! Look at him! Yes, he is short. But, there is obviously NOTHING wrong with him. He is proportionate and coordinated and everything else that leads to the conclusion of *normal.*

I DO NOT want Teague's height to become an issue. As of yet, it has not been. So please help me by NOT MAKING IT ONE!

1. Teague's Personality
2. That there is nothing wrong with him


Tiffany said...

I think it is awful how brazen (especially) women are to each other.

Christa said...

Ok, I know I'm super behind but I haven't read any blogs in awhile.

Just tell them he's built close to the ground for speed and accruacy.

that he's just the right height, his feet touch the ground don't they?

My dad always said that about me. I was always taller than everyone, until I turned 12... I haven't grown one iota of an inch since then!