Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Grocery Store

Growing up, every Saturday afternoon I went to the Grocery Store with my mom. It's just what I did! She didn't ask me if I wanted to go, I just did. The only time I didn't go was if I had other plans, like the skating rink (we would still usually go, only before I went Roller Skating), or spending the day at a friends house, or a date, or if I lived somewhere else.

Yes, I said 'a date.'

Yes, I said 'if I lived somewhere else.'

I went Grocery shopping at Dicks Market (sometimes Albertson's) every Saturday with my mom up until I got married.

No, I'm not kidding.

I thought that this is what girls did with their moms...

Looking back, I realize this is not necessarily the case. I realize now, that I was the only High School girl at Dick's Market with her mom on a Saturday afternoon.

So, when I ask Piper if she wants to go to the store with me and she says no, I can't quite figure it out!

My mom didn't ask me if I wanted to go, she would say, "Are you ready to go?" or, "Before we go to Dicks, I need to pick up..."

Piper, will say, "Mom, shopping just isn't my thing!"

That makes me wonder...Is grocery shopping my thing? I mean, I've been doing it FOREVER!

And my answer is NO WAY!!

I dread it!
I put it off for as long as possible!
I HATE going when I have my kidlets with me!
I DO NOT go every Saturday...not even close!

Is all of the Grocery Shopping Hate due to the fact that I went FAR TOO MUCH as a child? What do you think?

1. Memories of Grocery Shopping with Mom
2. Dicks Market (especially the Bakery)


Tiffany said...

I LOVE grocery shopping! I think it is because you went so much as a child. I have a friend who was forced to make her bed everyday as a child and rarely makes it now as an adult. But it could also be a result of us each liking different things.
What a great bonding tradition you and your mom did!

Corinne said...

I'm not going to lie. I still sometimes dream of Dick's Markets butter cookies in rainbow colors. My mom used to treat us with those all the time :)

ermakaluso said...

I would kill for a Dick's brownie right now. And Tiff and I had enough grocery-ness from checking at Winegar's. Why didn't you and your mom ever come visit us there on Saturday afternoons?!

Lisa said...

that is so cute. long live dick's bakery.

Steph said...

oh . . . you brought back memories of the skating rink. What memorable days those are.

Rebekah said...

I didn't dread grocery shopping until I had a mobile child. So that's my vote.

Now I have 2 mobile children (one of which loves to run and hide in shelves and displays and clothes racks.) The third child is a lump, but a lump who needs to eat frequently, which ups the time-related stress.

I have a very simple survival solution for this: If I survive a shopping experience, I buy myself a doughnut. The kids have to earn theirs. I get one by default.