Sunday, May 27, 2007

Honk! Jr. ticket information

Piper is so excited about this show. She would love for all of you to come see her! It is not double cast, so any showtime is a good time.

Please click here for ticket information.

If you have any other questions, just call me.

Family Picture Day

The day had finally arrived. My mom has had this day planned since my dad's birthday in February. A HUGE family picture, with everyone. We met at 3:00 in the photographers beautiful back yard. Mom and Dad looked Great. Drew and his family were in blue. Kent and Mia were in white and pink, Jordan's family wore a variety of pastels, Matthew's family wore green and yellow and my little family also wore green and yellow. I must say, we all cleaned up very nicely. Not only that, but we all behaved, well, sort of. Drew asked the photographer if she had a headstone that we could use for our dead brother George (an ongoing family joke).

I remember when we were kids, family picture day was not an easy one for my parents, maybe that is why we haven't had a family picture taken in about 20 years. I remember one family picture where I had a fresh black eye. I also remember the time there was only one frame where Kent wasn't pulling a face, so we had to get that one, even though the rest of us looked really dorky. I remember the time when we had the family picture done in our own living room one evening and everyone was pinching each other.

I have to say, I am really anxious to see these pictures. I hope they turn out. Mom is going to get a Gigantic one to put on her wall in her newly remodeled living room, hopefully not too Gigantic. Can you imagine?

In the picture there will be 12 adults (My parents, Aaron & I and my brothers & their spouses), 1 twenty-something (I know she is an adult - the 2nd oldest grandchild), 5 teenagers, 1 ten year old, 1 eight year old, 1 seven year old, 2 six year olds, 1 four year old and1 toddler that is 20 months old. Unfortunately the oldest grandchild couldn't make it, she is back east.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Sandcastle Academy (An Accredited Private School) had their annual fundraising carnival on Wednesday night. It is the only fundraiser that the school does, so it is very important for the students.
I was in charge of organizing the game booths, and I also was a balloon sculptor. Usually Miss Jana (pre-k Kindergarten teacher) does it the whole night, however, she couldn't stay so I took over for the last half of the carnival.
The booths included: Fishing pond, Fortune Teller, Spilt Milk, Chance, Craft Corner, Club Disco, Dunk Tank, big inflatable slide, Fishing Well and Face/Hair painting. There was also a Raffle with some really great donated prizes, a Prize Center, where the kids turned in their tickets for prizes, A Silent auction with even more really great donated prizes, a bake sale, and of course FOOD including: Hot Dogs, Chips, drinks, Snow cones and cotton candy.
The carnival lasted from 5:00 - 8:00 and we got there at 4:50 and stayed until about 8:30. A very fun night for a very incredible children.
I feel so fortunate that my kidlets are able to go to this school. I love that there are only 10-12 students per class, and that they are getting the attention that they need. Sandcastle Academy has and a great administration and wonderful teachers, who are obviously teaching for no other reason than they love it, and care about my children's education. I would recommend this school to anybody.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just watch...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cedar City

So my roommates from SUU and I have been e-mailing some of our memories of college, and we found that somethings some of us remember others don't, or we remember it differently. So Demaree came up with the idea to e-mail our five favorite memories here is her e-mail:

I think it is so crazy how we all remember different things about our time
down there. It seems like whenever I hear from someone, it's an old memory
that I have totally forgotten! I think we should all write down maybe our
top five memories and send them all out - I know they will be all different,
and I can guarantee I wont remember most of them until I read them from
you!! I have the worst memory, and it's getting worse the older I get!

So, this was my response. I know that this will probably mean nothing to most of you and probably won't make any sense, but they are great memories nonetheless. Probably a little embarrassing, not only to me, that I am putting them on our blog, but.....o'well:
1 - "The condom flies over the moon at midnight."

2- Going to the top of the street where the frat house was at Christmas time and pulling lightbulbs out of their Christmas lights, making all of them go out.

3- Silverware in our pockets? In our drawers? Under our beds? In our backpacks?

4- Theresa's chocolate chip cookies.

5- Ali's ramen noodles.


6- Camille and I going to a convienant store with pads stuck on our backs

7- Adrian getting frustrated over the red and white Christmas lights, and throwing a potato.

8 - Camille putting mashed potatoes all over her face and asking Sally, "Have you seen my potatoes?"

9 - Camille and I hanging upside down on our beds passing gas for hours at a time. Oh the joys of being 18.

10 - Camille, Demaree, Ali and I hanging our D and F papers from our communications class on the refridgerator

11 - Putting mascara on Darrels beautiful long eyelashes.

12 - Of course the gum and spit castle

13 - Of course Stella

14 -UM...."I'm creamin'!" Who was it that said that anyway? I thought is was Adrian, but Dem thinks it was Becky.

15 - Prank phone calling people in the middle of the night saying very unappropriate things. We could never do that now with called id.

16 - My bodysuits - a universal closet.

17 - Club Rock

18 - Those guys from Vegas sleeping on my kitchen floor.

19 - Thanksgiving dinner

20- Darrel stealing my 1/2 subway sandwich (I was so mad) So I was going to take him to small claims court.

21 - Camille telling everyone that she was half black

22 - Me and Ali and Dem walking to the student union building and hearing someone behind us say F1 & F2. We really wanted to know what they were talking about.

23 - Becky putting pictures of Charlie ALL OVER my room. (What was I thinking?)

24 - Camille and I going bike riding, me falling off of my bike and Camille laughing so hard that she peed her pants. While she was peeing, she was looking at me saying well barely saying since she was laughing so hard, "I'm pissin' my pants!"

25 - Going down to Red Cliffs (is that what it is called) me jumping off of the cliff because Camille didn't think that I would, and again, Camille peeing her pants because she was laughing so hard. Looking down at me in the water saying, "I'm pissin' my pants!"

This is just a beginning I believe..........

Last day of pre-school

Well, another big day in the life of Teague Orlando Salazar, Graduation of 3/4 year old pre-school class. Aaron and I went to the big day. We played a game where the kids had to guess who's foot belonged to which parent. Then they sang three songs, one about Spring, one about Halloween and one about animals. Then they got their certificate of completion, they said their name and took a bow. Then we did a craft, Teague chose to have Aaron help him, they made an owl (because the kids are so "wise") Then we got a push pop Popsicle treat. It was actually really nice. We were only there for about an hour.

I cannot believe that my little Teague turned 4 years old today! We cuddled for a few minutes this afternoon and talked about his birth. I told him the whole story:

I was laying right here on my bed (at about 7:25 a.m.), right where we are laying now and suddenly while daddy was in the shower, you started knocking on my belly telling me you were ready to come out. So, when daddy came out of the shower I told him that I didn't think he was going to be going to work today.

Daddy got everything ready while I called Mama, Grandpa Larry, Uncle Kent and Camille. Then you started knocking harder. When Daddy was done getting everything ready, he called Raeann (the mid-wife) and Grammie Annie. About an hour after you started knocking everyone that I wanted there was there.

You kept knocking harder and harder (about 9:00 a.m.), and I turned to mama and said, "I'm done, I can't do this anymore!" And mama said to me, "YES YOU CAN!" I pushed and a big sac came out and Camille said, "It looks like an alien!" POP, water went everywhere. Then, your head came out! Then your cute little body came out. (9:04 a.m.)

Teague interrupted at this point and asked, "Was I so cute?"

Oh yes, you were the cutest ever! But, you didn't cry! Most babies cry when they are born, but you were too interested to see what was going on outside of momma's tummy, so Raeann was scratching your back and tickling you until you finally cried. Then, she handed you to me and guess what you did?

Teague: "pooped on you?"

That's right, then Mama and Grammie Annie took you into Piper's room and you guys played until Momma was all fixed up, then you came back in and ate and ate and ate!

Teague: "From your boobies?"

Yep, then, Mama took Piper to her house and everyone else left. You and Momma and Daddy fell asleep right here on this bed. It was such a good day.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Spiderman Bike

On Saturday Aaron and I gave Teague a Spiderman bike, helmet and pads. That's what he wanted more than anything. He was so excited to finally have a big boy bike. I thought for sure his little legs would be too short, because as you know he is a little bit short.

He could not get on his bike without all of his gear. I am so proud that he is being safe.

He was riding on the sidewalk in front of the house and he slammed on his breaks and hopped off of his bike and said, "Oh, I don't want to run over this little potato bug!" he picked up the bug and got back on his bike and finished going down the sidewalk and up the driveway. How cute that he was concerned about a potato bug.

His first big bicycle adventure was with his dad up to grammie's house (about 6 blocks) He did such a good job and only had a little bit of a hard time up the hills.

Once at grammie's he cuddled with Serendipity. (grammie's little yorkie puppy)

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy of our little boy.

Crazy Busy Weekend post #5

FINALLY, Teague's family birthday party! The last activity of the weekend. Family was invited to come over for Cake (cupcakes) and ice cream at 5:00. We got home from the festival at about 4:00. I frosted some more cupcakes and Aaron made a little slide show of pictures of Teague to have on display.

As some of you know, Teague will sleep through anything. He fell asleep at the festival at about 2:50. We left the festival at about 3:20, Aaron carried him to the car (about 3 blocks) and put him in his seat and we drove home. Aaron got him out of the car and carried him up to his bedroom, none of this phased him.

My parents were the first to arrive (of course) at about 4:50, I woke Teague up and gave him the worlds quickest bath, because he was filthy. Teague was still a little turd.

He got lots of fun stuff from his grandparents, Aunt Val and Uncle Doyle, Uncle Matthew and Aunt LuJayne, and his cousins.

Crazy Busy Weekend post #4

Finally Sunday rolled around, it seemed to take forever. But again it was a very busy day. We skipped church, and went out to the "Living Traditions" festival, we go every year, this is our 11th year, of all of our family traditions, this is our least favorite,'s tradition. Teague was being a little turd the whole time, so we didn't get any cute pictures of him, but we did get a couple cute ones of Piper.

The same people are there every year, so nothing really new and exciting. There was a really nice lady named Marla that use to be there every year, but she hasn't been the past couple of years. She and Piper really have a sweet connection, so it is unfortunate that she isn't there anymore, and she is an incredible artist. Hopefully we will see her at one of the upcoming arts festivals.

For lunch Aaron got some Greek sandwich that he really seemed to like, Teague got a bean and cheese burrito that he loved, because he really likes strange stuff (for a 4 year old). Piper got a wurst on a bun that she loved, again... STRANGE. And I got some NASTY Italian sausage sandwich, I took one bite and barfed.

Finally Teague fell asleep which was a good thing because he was driving us nuts.

Crazy Busy Weekend post #3

Uncle Darwin's wedding was really nice. Aunt Janice passed away when I was about 6 years old, so he has been widowed for about 27 years. Through the years he has dated a few different ladies, but he and Darlene have been friends for a long time. They finally decided to tie the knot. It was really great to see all of my cousins, especially the ones that I don't see that often because they live in California. And when I say cousins, I also mean my cousins kids, they are all closer to my age than my actual cousins. It is crazy how much everybody has grown up. It is weird to me that we are all grown up and have kids of our own. It was so cute to see all of the little cousins running around. Unfortunately we forgot our camera, but everything was really nice. I am so glad that Darwin and Darlene go married and will have each other, it is really sweet, they are so cute, just like teenagers.

Crazy Busy Weekend post #2

So, Saturday was so crazy! Piper and Teague had their primary party from 10:30 - 12:00. But before that I had to drive up to Clearfield (about 20 min.) to pick up the helium for Teague's party by 9:30. Teague's party was from 12:00 - 1:30. Piper had rehearsal from 2:00 - 3:30 at the U. Then at 6:00 we had my uncle Darwin's wedding.
Teague's birthday party was so much fun. It was a Spiderman theme. Teague didn't want a cake, only cupcakes. That made my life a lot easier. We invited 11 friends, and eight came. Luckily we had Amanda (our babysitter) come over to help. We played a spiderman game(like pin the tail on the donkey) they had to stick spiderman to the building. And we had a jumping contest to see who could jump the farthest like spiderman. We opened presents and had pizza for lunch on the kitchen floor because it was too hot to eat outside. Then cake and ice cream. It was great.
While we were eating our Pizza, one of Teagues little friends looked at me straight in the eyes, lifted up his leg and passed gas for about 5 seconds. I was laughing SO HARD. Aaron and I were the only ones that noticed...luckily...can you imagine what would have happened if eight other 4 year old boys would have heard?

Crazy Busy Weekend post #1

Friday night was Piper's ballet recital. As usual, it was wonderful. Every year they blow us away. It was "Alice in Wonderland" Piper was a Hedgehog. She was one of the little ballerinas selected to do a somersault, we were so proud. Her group was one of the last ones to perform, but it was well worth the wait. SO CUTE. The pictures include one of Piper, one of her and her teacher - Miss Megan - one of her and Alice, and one of her & her favorite assistant teachers - Miss Audrey, who was the Cheshire Cat, but had unfortunately changed out of her costume.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

You are a really nice mom!

Today we celebrated Teague's birthday at his pre-school. I went in and told the kids all about Teague. I made a poster that had all the things that Teague loves on it, and it had some other things on it as well, such as:
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Number: 0
Favorite Letter: O
Mom: Karlyn
Dad: Aaron
Sister: Piper
Date: Thursday May 22, 2003
Time: 9:04 a.m.
Place: Home
Height: 20 inches
Weight: 8 lbs 2 oz
It was really cute. 4 year olds are so funny! It was hard to get a word in edgewise, but still fun.
After my little presentation was done Teague handed out some treats to his classmates. We got little cellophane bags with orange (what else?) polka-dots and put some toys in it, there was little clappers, frog jumpers, Chinese yo-yo's, stamps, bubbles and straw bubbles. It was a huge success.
As we were leaving, one of Teague's classmates came up to me, here was our conversation.
Colton: You know what?
Me: What?
Colton: You are a really nice mom!
That made my day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Two cute

The post today is going to be about two cute things...Teague and Piper.
On Saturday morning, I was planning on mowing the lawn. Unfortunately, the lawn mower wouldn't start. Since my lawn mower was broken, Teague decided that he would use his and mow the lawn for me! He was (and still is) convinced that his worked just fine. What a good little helper.
Here are some cute pictures of him mowing the lawn.

Saturday night was Piper's Jazz and Tap recital. She did such a good job. They called it, "So you think you can dance!" For jazz, they danced to "You're the one that I want" from Grease. For tap, they danced to "I like it, I love it, I want some more of it" by Tim McGraw.
There were other numbers such as Russian, Broadway, Fosse, Lyrical, Contemporary and Modern. It was a fun recital. We are really looking forward to Fridays Ballet recital. It is always really good. This year they are doing "Alice in Wonderland" Piper is a hedgehog.
One picture is of her with one of her Jazz friends and the other is of her and her teacher.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Last night was Piper's school program. It was titled Potpourri. At the bottom of the program they had the following definitions:

Pot-pour-ri- noun
1) a musical medley, 2) a collection of miscellaneous literary extract, 3) any mixture, esp. of unrelated objects, subjects, etc.

Here is a list of the songs sung, poems recited & dances danced: My Country tis of Thee, Fifty Nifty, God Bless the U.S.A., Cotton Eyed Joe, You Are My Sunshine, Feelings, Alleluia, Two Dollar Bill, Fishin' in the Dark, La Cucaracha, La Bamba, Sing, Daylight, It's a Small World, Lollipop, If all The Trees Were Oak Trees and then their school song, Sandcastle Academy. Definitely Potpourri.

We really like the programs because they are short and sweet (45 min - an hour) and you don't have to wait around the whole time just to see your child perform...VERY NICE, there is nothing like being bored to death with other peoples children (SORRY). The best part of the program was when the Spanish One class came out to sing La Cucaracha. Out comes little Piper in the hugest sombrero of them all.

So here is a little video of our little Piper singing La Cucaracha. Try to ignore the huge head that was in the way of the camera.

I am also posting a picture of Piper and Teague on the front lawn of the school after the program, some of her and her friends (and "boyfriend"), and one of her and her teacher, Miss Jessica.

Note:Piper is the second one from the left!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dirty Dancing

I am so happy! Last night one of my roommates from SUU and I went and saw "Dirty Dancing" on the BIG SCREEN.
I was only 12 when the movie came out, so not only was I too young to see a PG13 movie, but there was no way in the world my mom would let me see it. I'm pretty sure she has a hard time with the fact that I have seen it at 31. I remember watching it on video when I was 14 and thinking I had just watched the worst movie ever.
It was SO AWESOME. It was the 20th anniversary, so it was in the theaters for 2 nights only. Before the movie started they had a 20 minute special, "Dirty Dancing, Past and Present." It ends up that it is a musical now, only not in America, but I swear everywhere else. I WANT TO SEE IT!
Anyway it was so cool to be in a movie theater packed with "Thirty-something" women screaming things such as, "You go girl!" and "I love you Johnny Castle!" (okay, that one was me!) And feeling comfortable doing it. Anytime a famous Dirty Dancing line was said i.e. "Nobody puts baby in a corner!" The crowd ROARED, it was so cool. Hearing a bunch of women recite the lines was also a little comforting, because now I know FOR SURE that I am not the only one that has seen the movie at least 200 times!!!!
When the movie ended, I turned to my friend and said, "Now my life is complete!"