Sunday, May 27, 2007

Family Picture Day

The day had finally arrived. My mom has had this day planned since my dad's birthday in February. A HUGE family picture, with everyone. We met at 3:00 in the photographers beautiful back yard. Mom and Dad looked Great. Drew and his family were in blue. Kent and Mia were in white and pink, Jordan's family wore a variety of pastels, Matthew's family wore green and yellow and my little family also wore green and yellow. I must say, we all cleaned up very nicely. Not only that, but we all behaved, well, sort of. Drew asked the photographer if she had a headstone that we could use for our dead brother George (an ongoing family joke).

I remember when we were kids, family picture day was not an easy one for my parents, maybe that is why we haven't had a family picture taken in about 20 years. I remember one family picture where I had a fresh black eye. I also remember the time there was only one frame where Kent wasn't pulling a face, so we had to get that one, even though the rest of us looked really dorky. I remember the time when we had the family picture done in our own living room one evening and everyone was pinching each other.

I have to say, I am really anxious to see these pictures. I hope they turn out. Mom is going to get a Gigantic one to put on her wall in her newly remodeled living room, hopefully not too Gigantic. Can you imagine?

In the picture there will be 12 adults (My parents, Aaron & I and my brothers & their spouses), 1 twenty-something (I know she is an adult - the 2nd oldest grandchild), 5 teenagers, 1 ten year old, 1 eight year old, 1 seven year old, 2 six year olds, 1 four year old and1 toddler that is 20 months old. Unfortunately the oldest grandchild couldn't make it, she is back east.


Corinne said...

WOW. I can't wait to see that! My mom is planning something like that for this Thanksgiving - it's sorta a terrifying idea :)