Friday, May 11, 2007


Last night was Piper's school program. It was titled Potpourri. At the bottom of the program they had the following definitions:

Pot-pour-ri- noun
1) a musical medley, 2) a collection of miscellaneous literary extract, 3) any mixture, esp. of unrelated objects, subjects, etc.

Here is a list of the songs sung, poems recited & dances danced: My Country tis of Thee, Fifty Nifty, God Bless the U.S.A., Cotton Eyed Joe, You Are My Sunshine, Feelings, Alleluia, Two Dollar Bill, Fishin' in the Dark, La Cucaracha, La Bamba, Sing, Daylight, It's a Small World, Lollipop, If all The Trees Were Oak Trees and then their school song, Sandcastle Academy. Definitely Potpourri.

We really like the programs because they are short and sweet (45 min - an hour) and you don't have to wait around the whole time just to see your child perform...VERY NICE, there is nothing like being bored to death with other peoples children (SORRY). The best part of the program was when the Spanish One class came out to sing La Cucaracha. Out comes little Piper in the hugest sombrero of them all.

So here is a little video of our little Piper singing La Cucaracha. Try to ignore the huge head that was in the way of the camera.

I am also posting a picture of Piper and Teague on the front lawn of the school after the program, some of her and her friends (and "boyfriend"), and one of her and her teacher, Miss Jessica.

Note:Piper is the second one from the left!