Monday, May 21, 2007

Crazy Busy Weekend post #5

FINALLY, Teague's family birthday party! The last activity of the weekend. Family was invited to come over for Cake (cupcakes) and ice cream at 5:00. We got home from the festival at about 4:00. I frosted some more cupcakes and Aaron made a little slide show of pictures of Teague to have on display.

As some of you know, Teague will sleep through anything. He fell asleep at the festival at about 2:50. We left the festival at about 3:20, Aaron carried him to the car (about 3 blocks) and put him in his seat and we drove home. Aaron got him out of the car and carried him up to his bedroom, none of this phased him.

My parents were the first to arrive (of course) at about 4:50, I woke Teague up and gave him the worlds quickest bath, because he was filthy. Teague was still a little turd.

He got lots of fun stuff from his grandparents, Aunt Val and Uncle Doyle, Uncle Matthew and Aunt LuJayne, and his cousins.