Monday, May 21, 2007

Crazy Busy Weekend post #4

Finally Sunday rolled around, it seemed to take forever. But again it was a very busy day. We skipped church, and went out to the "Living Traditions" festival, we go every year, this is our 11th year, of all of our family traditions, this is our least favorite,'s tradition. Teague was being a little turd the whole time, so we didn't get any cute pictures of him, but we did get a couple cute ones of Piper.

The same people are there every year, so nothing really new and exciting. There was a really nice lady named Marla that use to be there every year, but she hasn't been the past couple of years. She and Piper really have a sweet connection, so it is unfortunate that she isn't there anymore, and she is an incredible artist. Hopefully we will see her at one of the upcoming arts festivals.

For lunch Aaron got some Greek sandwich that he really seemed to like, Teague got a bean and cheese burrito that he loved, because he really likes strange stuff (for a 4 year old). Piper got a wurst on a bun that she loved, again... STRANGE. And I got some NASTY Italian sausage sandwich, I took one bite and barfed.

Finally Teague fell asleep which was a good thing because he was driving us nuts.


Corinne said...

I cannot BELIEVE how grown up Piper is!!