Monday, April 30, 2007


Piper is going to be a Froglet in HONK! at the University of Utah. Today was her first rehearsal, I must say, it is really strange for me to take her up to the West Institute, it sort of takes me back in time to when I was a teenager attending Theatre School, I get sort of a crazy feeling like I should burst out into song and dance.
Anyway, I am so proud of Piper. She did great at her rehearsal. I only stayed for the first half hour to fill out all of the paper work and get to know some of the other moms. I stayed to watch the fun introductions, and then went upstairs to read "A series of Unfortunate events." Piper made friends immediately with three other girls, you would look at them and think that they have been friends forever.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Making Decorations

A few weeks ago we bought Teague a Nightmare Before Christmas paperweight. He is such a fan of the movie that we thought that he'd like it. In order to get it, though, he had to earn it. We told him that he could have it if he keeps his room clean for a entire week. After about 4 weeks of trying he finally won the paperweight. He asked Karlyn what it was and she said that it was a decoration thinking that he wouldn't understand the word paperweight. A little while later Teague called Karlyn from the bathroom so that she could take care of his paper work (If you know what I mean). Karlyn called back, "what are you doing?" Teague replied, "making a decoration!" He then giggled at the joke he had made.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Tumbling Teague

Teague is an excellent tumbler as you can see. He has been tumbling for about 2 years and his is getting good. His teacher's name is Miss Alicia and she is a great teacher for young children. She even has a large trampoline that is ground level for the kids to jump on. Although it may look like the kids are running around without structure, there is actually a lot of structure. Each of the kids are coached through each task so they can be sure to do it right.

Welcome to the Salazar Family Four Blog

Welcome to the new Salazar Family Four blog. We will be posting stories and pictures of our family for all to read. We hope you will check back often and make comments as well. Also, you will notice that we have a calendar on the left side of this page. This will include any dates that we feel are important for our extended family to know about. These dates may include birthdays, school events, etc.