Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dirty Dancing

I am so happy! Last night one of my roommates from SUU and I went and saw "Dirty Dancing" on the BIG SCREEN.
I was only 12 when the movie came out, so not only was I too young to see a PG13 movie, but there was no way in the world my mom would let me see it. I'm pretty sure she has a hard time with the fact that I have seen it at 31. I remember watching it on video when I was 14 and thinking I had just watched the worst movie ever.
It was SO AWESOME. It was the 20th anniversary, so it was in the theaters for 2 nights only. Before the movie started they had a 20 minute special, "Dirty Dancing, Past and Present." It ends up that it is a musical now, only not in America, but I swear everywhere else. I WANT TO SEE IT!
Anyway it was so cool to be in a movie theater packed with "Thirty-something" women screaming things such as, "You go girl!" and "I love you Johnny Castle!" (okay, that one was me!) And feeling comfortable doing it. Anytime a famous Dirty Dancing line was said i.e. "Nobody puts baby in a corner!" The crowd ROARED, it was so cool. Hearing a bunch of women recite the lines was also a little comforting, because now I know FOR SURE that I am not the only one that has seen the movie at least 200 times!!!!
When the movie ended, I turned to my friend and said, "Now my life is complete!"


Corinne said...

Yeah, that movie is a total classic. I remember watching it on the sly in 9th grade and totally loving it!

Meredith said...

I missed "Dirty Dancing" when it was re-released, but I saw "Grease" when it came out on the big screen in 1997. I was living in Reno and my girlfriend and I got all dressed up and went and made idiots of ourselves. (What better fun is there?)