Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Last day of pre-school

Well, another big day in the life of Teague Orlando Salazar, Graduation of 3/4 year old pre-school class. Aaron and I went to the big day. We played a game where the kids had to guess who's foot belonged to which parent. Then they sang three songs, one about Spring, one about Halloween and one about animals. Then they got their certificate of completion, they said their name and took a bow. Then we did a craft, Teague chose to have Aaron help him, they made an owl (because the kids are so "wise") Then we got a push pop Popsicle treat. It was actually really nice. We were only there for about an hour.

I cannot believe that my little Teague turned 4 years old today! We cuddled for a few minutes this afternoon and talked about his birth. I told him the whole story:

I was laying right here on my bed (at about 7:25 a.m.), right where we are laying now and suddenly while daddy was in the shower, you started knocking on my belly telling me you were ready to come out. So, when daddy came out of the shower I told him that I didn't think he was going to be going to work today.

Daddy got everything ready while I called Mama, Grandpa Larry, Uncle Kent and Camille. Then you started knocking harder. When Daddy was done getting everything ready, he called Raeann (the mid-wife) and Grammie Annie. About an hour after you started knocking everyone that I wanted there was there.

You kept knocking harder and harder (about 9:00 a.m.), and I turned to mama and said, "I'm done, I can't do this anymore!" And mama said to me, "YES YOU CAN!" I pushed and a big sac came out and Camille said, "It looks like an alien!" POP, water went everywhere. Then, your head came out! Then your cute little body came out. (9:04 a.m.)

Teague interrupted at this point and asked, "Was I so cute?"

Oh yes, you were the cutest ever! But, you didn't cry! Most babies cry when they are born, but you were too interested to see what was going on outside of momma's tummy, so Raeann was scratching your back and tickling you until you finally cried. Then, she handed you to me and guess what you did?

Teague: "pooped on you?"

That's right, then Mama and Grammie Annie took you into Piper's room and you guys played until Momma was all fixed up, then you came back in and ate and ate and ate!

Teague: "From your boobies?"

Yep, then, Mama took Piper to her house and everyone else left. You and Momma and Daddy fell asleep right here on this bed. It was such a good day.


Corinne said...

I love it! It's funny because on Sunday (Sheely's birthday) I did the exact same thing - told her her birth story and her favorite part is that as soon as she was out, she pooped on the midwives suede shoe!!