Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cedar City

So my roommates from SUU and I have been e-mailing some of our memories of college, and we found that somethings some of us remember others don't, or we remember it differently. So Demaree came up with the idea to e-mail our five favorite memories here is her e-mail:

I think it is so crazy how we all remember different things about our time
down there. It seems like whenever I hear from someone, it's an old memory
that I have totally forgotten! I think we should all write down maybe our
top five memories and send them all out - I know they will be all different,
and I can guarantee I wont remember most of them until I read them from
you!! I have the worst memory, and it's getting worse the older I get!

So, this was my response. I know that this will probably mean nothing to most of you and probably won't make any sense, but they are great memories nonetheless. Probably a little embarrassing, not only to me, that I am putting them on our blog, but.....o'well:
1 - "The condom flies over the moon at midnight."

2- Going to the top of the street where the frat house was at Christmas time and pulling lightbulbs out of their Christmas lights, making all of them go out.

3- Silverware in our pockets? In our drawers? Under our beds? In our backpacks?

4- Theresa's chocolate chip cookies.

5- Ali's ramen noodles.


6- Camille and I going to a convienant store with pads stuck on our backs

7- Adrian getting frustrated over the red and white Christmas lights, and throwing a potato.

8 - Camille putting mashed potatoes all over her face and asking Sally, "Have you seen my potatoes?"

9 - Camille and I hanging upside down on our beds passing gas for hours at a time. Oh the joys of being 18.

10 - Camille, Demaree, Ali and I hanging our D and F papers from our communications class on the refridgerator

11 - Putting mascara on Darrels beautiful long eyelashes.

12 - Of course the gum and spit castle

13 - Of course Stella

14 -UM...."I'm creamin'!" Who was it that said that anyway? I thought is was Adrian, but Dem thinks it was Becky.

15 - Prank phone calling people in the middle of the night saying very unappropriate things. We could never do that now with called id.

16 - My bodysuits - a universal closet.

17 - Club Rock

18 - Those guys from Vegas sleeping on my kitchen floor.

19 - Thanksgiving dinner

20- Darrel stealing my 1/2 subway sandwich (I was so mad) So I was going to take him to small claims court.

21 - Camille telling everyone that she was half black

22 - Me and Ali and Dem walking to the student union building and hearing someone behind us say F1 & F2. We really wanted to know what they were talking about.

23 - Becky putting pictures of Charlie ALL OVER my room. (What was I thinking?)

24 - Camille and I going bike riding, me falling off of my bike and Camille laughing so hard that she peed her pants. While she was peeing, she was looking at me saying well barely saying since she was laughing so hard, "I'm pissin' my pants!"

25 - Going down to Red Cliffs (is that what it is called) me jumping off of the cliff because Camille didn't think that I would, and again, Camille peeing her pants because she was laughing so hard. Looking down at me in the water saying, "I'm pissin' my pants!"

This is just a beginning I believe..........


Meredith said...

You guys have so many great memories from Cedar City; Reading about it makes me wish I was there, too! I laughed outloud reading about Camille peeing her pants... I could totally see it.