Thursday, July 29, 2010

The News

I used to watch the News, especially the 10:00 p.m. News.
I grew up in a family that watched the News.
I know that my parents still watch it, religiously.

A few years ago, I quit watching it. I can't remember why, I just did. I think it started to bother me. All the depressing things going on in the world mixed with all of the fluff. I can't remember, I just stopped watching it.

Except for in the mornings, I turn the news on so I know what the weather and traffic are like, but of course I hear all of the other news as well.

So, I (reluctantly) watch Fox13 News, mostly because:

1.The kidlets love Big Budah
2.We don't have cable and our box only gets good reception on 13
3.I think that the anchors are a bit twitty, so they make me laugh. They don't seem to know how to deliver a sad or sobering story, I take it all with a grain of salt.
As soon as the weather or traffic come on, my eyes and ears are glued.

Yesterday however, for some unknown reason, as I was cleaning, I watched the News
Seriously, I have no idea why, I would switch the channels and keep it on a channel that was airing news, even with bad reception!

When Aaron came home, I told him I had been watching the news all day and that I thought I had better stop watching it, so I did.

Aaron and I had a very nice conversation about his day and some other things - including, discussing stuff I had seen on the news. After our conversation, Aaron went downstairs to do some stuff.

I began watching the news again!

I don't know what I was thinking!

I won't tell you what the story was (I don't even know what channel it was), but they were talking about a statistic among Americans. I couldn't believe the statistic! So, I YELLED at the television,


To that, Aaron hollered back,

"Maybe you should stop watching the News!"

I did.

Then I started thinking back on my day. Had I been yelling at the television all day?

Embarrassingly, I admit...indeed, I had.

Now, I remember why I don't watch the News, it pisses me off.

1. My house getting clean
2. Good News Programs
3. Aaron


Aaron Salazar said...

There are very few "news" sources that report actual news. When did personal lives of pop/sports stars become news. sheesh. save it for the dumb tabloids. Glad my TVs were not working when Michael Jackson died. :p

Steph said...

You are so funny

Queen Mother said...

I am a news junkie. At home, on the radio. I agree with Aaron that so many "news" sources are not real news. I won't name the stations but let's just say it's 95% of them.