Friday, July 9, 2010

About me

Again, before you begin reading - if you haven't already - PLEASE read my disclaimer in my header!

I ask you to read my disclaimer, because I am in NO WAY wanting to start a debate. If you have questions about my beliefs, please e-mail me, I will be happy to respond, as long as you are nice.

*I am a Latter Day Saint (Mormon).

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I believe in my religion and I practice it. This doesn't mean that I think your religion is bad or wrong. If you are happy with your faith and it works for you, I respect that, as should everybody.

I personally think that it all comes down to you and your relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

If I were to ask you,

"What would you do if you knew that Christ was going to knock on your door tomorrow?"

I hope your answer would be...

"Answer it (with no hesitation) and give him a hug."

That's what my answer is.

I would leave my Coke in my fridge and possibly offer him one!
I might make my bed, I might not.
He would most likely wake me up, so I wouldn't have on make-up or have my hair done.
Guaranteed my house would not be immaculate.
My yard would have weeds.

What I am saying is, I am comfortable with the way I am living and I know that I am a child of God and he loves me even if my bed isn't made, I have on no make up, my house and yard are a little messy and I'm drinking a Coke.

*I am a registered Democrat! I know! GASP!! And, that is okay. However, here in Utah, being registered as a Democrat actually hurts my voting ability! I cannot vote for everything that I would like to, so when I register again, I will change that, but only so I can vote for things that I can't otherwise.
- I am pro choice
- I do not believe in Capital Punishment
- I don't like guns
- I believe in equal rights
- I believe society should help provide for people that can't provide for themselves
- I believe minimum wage should be more substantial
- I am totally okay with higher taxes for higher income
- I believe a good education is way too expensive
- I am absolutely 100% supportive of stem-cell research
- War? Not good

The reason I did these two things about me on the same post is because I have actually had fellow "Mormons" tell me - to my face - that it is impossible to be LDS and a Democrat. To that, I disagree.

When President Gordon B. Hinkley was asked, at a National Press Club, "Given the platform and positions taken by the Democratic Party, can you be a good church member and a Democrat?" He answered, "Yes, I think so."

The following is a list of prominent LDS church leaders that are or were Democrats:
(I do realize that there is no way to know for sure on all of these, but we do know for sure on some)

Heber J. Grant (our 7 Prophet)
Anthony R. Ivins
Charles W. Penrose
John R. Winder
John W. Young
Stephen L. Richards
Henry D. Moyle
Hugh B. Brown
N. Eldon Tanner
Orson F. Whitney
Franklin D. Richards
Moses Thatcher
Abraham H. Cannon
Melvin J. Ballard
Joseph F. Merrill
James E. Faust (also chairman of the Utah Democrats at one point)
Boyd K. Packer
B. H. Roberts
Edward Stevenson
Jacob Gates
Rulon S. Wells
Hugh Nibley
Charles H. Hart
Antoine R. Ivins
Marlin K. Jensen
Melvin Hammond
Stephen Snow
Richard P. Lindsay (also a Democratic State Legislator in both the Senate and the House)
David O. McKay (our 9 Prophet)

And, in case you are interested, here are some links that I like about being a Mormon Democrat.
Burning Bosom
All About Mormons
A Statement from Wayne Holland
Too many LDS are shunning Democrats
(with this one, I want to make it clear, that this in no way, shape or form is happening in my ward. But interesting and sad)

1. Being LDS
2. Being a Democrat
3. My Freedom to choose to be both


Okie said...

Well said.

I always try to vote my own personal mind/ideals. Sometimes that means Republican, sometimes it means Democrat (more and more, it's meant Democrat in recent years). However, here in Utah you're right that it limits your other voting, in spite of Jiminy Cricket chastising me, I have actually registered Republican so I can take advantage of other opportunities in primaries/etc.

I think what most people fail to realize when they compare politics and religion (especially here in Utah) is that they are in fact different. Both of the main political parties have valid points and concepts that do NOT contradict my religious beliefs. At the same time, there have been situations from both sides of the party line that I've had to go against because of my personal moral/religious ideals.

Neither party is perfect. Neither party aligns perfectly to my religious ideals.

Tiffany said...

Great points! I have the same sentiments as you on most of those points...
I dislike the fact that many LDS people feel as though they 'have/should be' a republican without giving it any thought! Very well said Karlyn.

UtahJenny said...

Oh, I wish this could be the sentiment of many, many more!!! I guess I really just wish that we could all just get along, no matter what we believe or how we vote.

Now, I'm going to go read those articles you linked!

Corinne said...

I've had people tell me that I can't truly have a testimony if I vote Democratic (which I do).

Jen said...

While I still consider myself republican, I am a VERY liberal one. Many "mormons" would be in shock at some of my standings. And yet, I am republican. Who gives a rats A** what your polical views are!! Love you!

Miriam said...


In all these years, I had an inkling, but had no idea how strongly you felt about your religion or your politics. Your family is a shining example of what independent thinking can produce, even when surrounded by rules and dictates.

I am SO proud of you!

Ya know, we've just got to spend some real time together...

Krystal Brown said...

well said. I really appreciate your comments. I don't always know enough about the candidates to make an informed decision, and I don't like to just vote straight party ticket. I end up just praying that the smartest person that will make the smartest decisions is elected, no matter their political affiliation.

Queen Mother said...

You know I'm a staunch conservative.

I know you're a liberal.

I love you anyway. ;)