Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't Judge me!

If you know me at all, you know how much I can LOVE certain foods.

When I was pregnant with Teague, we discovered a restaurant in downtown Salt Lake called "Third & Main."

Unfortunately, it isn't there anymore.

They had the best fried pickles EVER!


Luckily after they closed I could still get my fried pickle fix at the Arts Festival (but, not anymore) and also at "The Garden," atop the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (I'm pretty sure they still have them, I haven't been there recently).

Aaron can also make a mean fried pickle! Sometimes if I'm really nice he'll make them for me!

But until then, I now have a new favorite place for my love of fried pickles!

The Bayleaf Cafe

They are scrumptious!

They also have a mean Chicken and Waffles!

1. Fried Pickles
2. The Bayleaf Cafe
3. Chicken and Waffles


Tiffany said...

Gross, gross, gross! BUT, I still like you!

Jen said...

I would be willing to try them . . .

Miriam said...

Are fried pickles a Utah thing I haven't tried yet? I told your brother, today, that who woulda thunk, 11 years ago, that I would ever eat - and like - hamburgers with pastrami, fry sauce, pickled carrots and garlic, funeral potatoes, and on and on. Oh how this little East Coast Jewish girl has grown!

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