Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Training Table

A Utah Original!

For my Birthday, I went to lunch with 3 of my SUU roomies.

The Training Table has always been some what of a staple in my life.

I used to go on dates there in High School - a specific date that will always be memorable is when I downed a 32 oz coke and beat my date (by a long shot) in a belching contest.

A dear friend and I spent at least an hour in the bathroom once pulling faces in the mirror.

Our family (meaning Aaron, Piper, Teague and myself) used to go there and get dinner for less than twenty bucks.

My roomies and I have always gone there for birthdays or just to get together for lunch when one of us in in town.

The reason I/we frequented The Training Table was because it was good, it was fun and it was CHEAP!

On Wednesday my total for lunch was TWELVE BUCKS! I got a combo meal with cheese fries and a Coke (of course) and a side of ranch (of course). When I got my meal I was surprised to see a 20 oz Coke, not the usual 32 oz Coke.


We could have gone a nice restaurant where people actually serve you and paid less than that!

"The Training Table, a Utah Original"....

1. My SUU Roomies
2. The Good Old Days when Training Table was worth it.
3. Their Ranch Dressing...it really is amazing.


ermakaluso said...

TT is one of my must eats when I am in Utah! What is funny is that the front of the menu says "Lower Prices!" Hmmm?!

Steph said...

TT is one of my favorites too. I thought it was always overpriced. However, there drinks were always huge and I do remember last time I went that it was a 20 oz. What's the point of going cheaper on the drink? The drinks hardly cost them anything anyway!

Mmmmm . . . Ranch burger and cheese fries with ultimate dipping sauce - the best!

Sunshine Promises said...

Yeah - I used to like it as well. But after raving to my husband about it a few years into our marriage, I took him there for dinner (Provo location) and the food was DISGUSTING! We haven't been back since.

It's Crown Burgers and In-N-Out for us!

Unknown said...

agreed! Why are they sooo darn expensive! Mmmmm cheese fries!