Wednesday, June 23, 2010

About me (maybe more about us)

I've been trying to figure out how exactly to do this particular "About me" post. Then I thought, "Why beat around the bush, just do it!" So, here goes...

Again, you might want to read my disclaimer...

About a year ago I sent a Facebook friend request to a guy that I used to date - However, at the time if you asked him if we were dating, it would be a big fat NO, because we were in a singles ward and you were suppose to keep stuff like that a secret until you were engaged - Honestly, I didn't think anything of my friend request, in fact, most of the boys that I have dated or kissed (back in the day, these two things did not go hand in hand) are my friends. A couple of days later, he sent me a message titled "Friend," I opened it, and this is what he had to say,

I changed her name, oh...and yes, I kept the message, it is still in my in-box!

"Hi Karlyn!

It's good to hear from you. I've gone back and forth with the whole friends request thing and decided that *Nancy* probably wouldn't appreciate it. It's no big deal to me but I think she would be uncomfortable having someone that she knows I dated on my "friends list." I hope you understand..."

It goes on for a few more sentences, but that isn't relevant to my post.

Okay...I'm sorry, but what? I guess I do understand that there are jealous types in the world, I just don't understand why. I obviously am not one of them. My first thought was, "Oh crap! I hope Aaron doesn't feel like he can't be friends with somebody on facebook just because he had dated them!" So, I went and ask him...right then.

He laughed...

He said "no!" While he was still laughing.

I knew what his answer would be, I just wanted to make sure.

We are not a jealous couple.

This is one of the things that seems to surprise people -
I hope that my husband looks at other women!
It is when he stops looking that I am going to start worrying.

I know his taste, he knows mine.
When we see people that we think the other would like, we point them out!

Then again, if we see some unfortunate looking people we say to each other, "There's your boyfriend/girlfriend!"

We have 'to do' lists
(like on Friends, Ross & Rachel's 'freebie lists'),
but NO, we would never actually 'DO' anybody on our lists,
I mean C'mon!
Here is a link to mine from awhile back.

If I want to go out with my friends or to lunch or dinner with them (even guys), I go!
I don't have to ask his permission.
I let him know because I love and respect him and he has the right to know,
but I don't need his permission.
He knows I am coming home to him.

If he wants to go out with his friends or to lunch or dinner with them (even girls), he goes!
He doesn't have to ask my permission.
He lets me know because he loves and respects me and I have the right to know,
but he doesn't need my permission.
I know he is coming home to me.

If you're the jealous type, I'm sorry if you're jealous of us.

I am a wife.
I am probably not the best wife in the world, but I try my hardest.
I love Aaron with all my heart and would pretty much do anything for him
(that might not be entirely true).
Our relationship is a good one.


1. Aaron
2. Not being jealous


Tiffany said...

Fabulous writing Karlyn, I liked your sentiments. I can NOT believe somebody would not add you as a FB friend because of their spouse!?! There are a lot of insecure people out there for sure! (And just for the record, my husband and I aren't the jealous type.)

Steph said...

Anthony Edwards! You can't be serious. . . your other choices were okay though.

Christa said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA! We do the "there's your girlfriend" thing all the time!

Krystal said...

you're a lucky girl. jealousy is an ugly companion, but teaches many lessons to the willing student. Not all jealous women started out that way. For me, it was an ugly byproduct of a common addiction. We have a long journey to get back to the carefree feelings you speak of. Feelings of betrayal are hard to shake. Forgiveness is sometimes near, but often elusive to my hard harded soul. I hope to get there one day. This message and others are contained in the book I have been working on all year. It is approximately 80percent finished. Trust is a treasure. Be thankful for it.