Friday, June 11, 2010

Maybe funny, maybe not, but

We thought it was!

We are SO clever!

When we found out in November of 2000 that our baby was a girl, we gave out Mounds candy bars to our friends and co-workers!

When we found out in January of 2003 that our second baby was a boy, we gave out Almond Joy candy bars to our friends and co-workers!



"Almond Joy's have nuts,
Mounds don't!"

Most people thought it was a cute idea...

We may have started something, I've heard of a few people doing it since.

1. Candy bars
(actually, I HATE - with a passion - coconut,
so unfortunately I don't like either one of these candy bars!)

2. Baby Girls
3. Baby Boys


Ray Ball Fam said...

Just wondering if your trying to tell us something. Are you making an announcement? Boy/Girl twins perhaps!

UtahJenny said...

I vote FUNNY!!! And I love those candy bars, too!!!

Jen said...

That is cute!