Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Think Globally, 'Act' Locally

That is the theme this year for Theatre School.

It started yesterday.

The kidlets were so excited...especially Piper! Teague was too, it's just that waking up at 7:00 in the morning isn't easy for him (remember, he's mine).

When we got there, we found out what companies they were in.

Teague is in Yellow Company, the youngest Musical Theatre company. It ends up they will be performing "Jack & the Beanstalk."

Teague is also in "Acting for Film & TV" and "Stage Craft."

Piper is in Black Company, the Advanced Acting company. She auditioned on Friday and found out Monday morning that she made it. She worked so hard on her monologue and when she performed it for me before we left the house, she was amazing, so I am going to assume that she was amazing at her audition. They will be performing "Everyman."

Piper is also in "Musical Theatre - Jazz emphasis" and "Stage Make-up."

Teague didn't audition for Black Company, this is his first year in the pre-teen session, so he might - if he wants to - next year.

Then they were off!

I normally don't go in, I normally just drop them off, but for some reason, I did go in this year.
It was fun to watch all of the excited children! There are 173 of them this year...that's a lot!

I remember being that excited for Theatre School...I still get excited for Theatre School...

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