Saturday, June 6, 2009

MASTER Salazar

I have been working on this post for a week! Now, I bet you think it is going to be amazing, but it's just that Google has been a little wacky on the uploading of pictures and such. So, hopefully it all turns out okay.

It is absolutely, positively 100% official...Aaron is done with school. Well, for the time being. I'm pretty sure that he is going to come home one day and say that he wants to do more. But until then, he is done.

It was a long day, but SO worth it. We started out at a Brunch on the Westminster campus. Aaron, the kidlets and I met up with John and Annie and ate a lot of Bacon and some other breakfast items.

Then we headed out to the E-Center for the commencement. Geez, it was so long, but that's okay, because not only were all the speakers fantastic, but my kidlets were SO good.

We sat Through all of the stuff that they do before graduates actually walk, then we sat through all of the BA, BFA and BS graduates. Then, they finally moved on to the Masters graduates.

I've been trying to add a video here, with no luck. SERIOUSLY! What is up with Google?
I will add it when I can.

These are some pictures after the Graduation. Aaron's Uncle Santos came.

Of course, our little family

and Aaron's parents.

My mom's knee is really bad right now, so they weren't able to come. But...I commend anyone that would willingly sit through all of that. After the Graduation, we went to eat at Texas Roadhouse, and only waited about 8 years, but it was so yummy.

All I have to say is I AM SO PROUD of Aaron! It has been a long two years, but I know that in the long run it is going to be well worth it!! He did it for us! For his little flamily! Thank you Aaron, we love you! Now......he just needs a job.


Amy said...

Yeah! That is so great. A Masters! Good luck with the job hunt Aaron!

Corinne said...

OH THE THRILL!!! WONDERFUL news. I am so happy for your family, I know that you deserve a big chunk of the credit for being super amazing supportive wife :) GO TEAM!

Alison said...

How exciting! Good luck to Aaron on his future endeavors and I hope your mom feels better. Mine just had her second knee surgery.

Steph said...

Congrats to Aaron! That's a huge day.