Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Tradition

Every year we go out to The Village Christmas Shoppe at Gardner Village to get our ornaments. We usually go out the week before Thanksgiving and get our tree up the Saturday before such luck this year...We did make it out there the day before Thanksgiving, but we didn't get the tree up until December 5!!!
Anyway, we each get one ornament. Teague was carrying around a Hockey player ornament until he found an ORANGE bird.Piper was carrying a bunch: a cello, a seahorse, two birds...she decided on a blue bird.I was carrying around a bunch of coke ornaments and something else (I can't remember) When the entire family told me to get the coke bottle.Aaron always chooses the ugliest ornament and waits until everyone else has picked theirs. This year, an ugly Halloween pumpkin. Here is our tree.


Valerie said...

That is the best tradition and something I wish I would have done while my kids were growing up... So I started it with Lydia! What a fun way to always remember growing up.

Corinne said...

Aaron's ornament made me laugh. Your tree looks great!