Sunday, December 16, 2007

HONK! Revival

Piper's HONK! Revival was really great. It was so fun for her to perform at Kingsbury Hall. At one matinee performance, there were 950 people. When I ask her if she was scared, all she said was, "no." That girl is amazing. The costumes were different for the froglets this time, and Piper got to wear a mic. Friday nights performance was really special, because Piper's friend Sydney and her family came. We were so excited to see them. I love it so much when people are so supportive of our little family. We talked them into staying for a minute so we could get a picture of them with Piper. And, they even brought her some roses.

Saturday's matinee was also special, because Maamaa and Grandpa Larry came, and they brought Piper's cousin (that is her same age), Reagan. Grammie Annie and Grandpa John also came.