Friday, January 25, 2008

Bronchitis AND Pneumonia?

The answer to the above question is.... Yes!

My little Teague had a cough for a few days. On Wednesday I decided to take him to the doctor, "just in case!" So, instead of him going to school, I hauled him to the doctor.

The doctor ask me, "Has he complained about his chest?"
I said, "No."
"Has he complained about his throat?"
"Has he complained about his nose?"
"Has he complained about his ears?"

So, the doctor proceeded to check everything. When he listened to Teague's breathing he said, "Oh, I don't like that!"
When he looked at his throat, he said, "Oooh, I don't like that either!"
When he looked in his nose, he said, "Mmmm, that doesn't look so good!"
When he looked in his ears, he said, "Are you sure he hasn't complained about his ears?"
"Yes, I am sure."

Teague very rarely complains about anything...unless it is cleaning his room.

Then the doctor says, "He has Bronchitis and Pneumonia. Pretty much an infection from his ears to his tummy!"

I seriously felt like the worst mother of the year!! How could I not know all this crud was going on with my little boy? I about died! I felt so bad. Luckily the doctor prescribed some antibiotics (You all know how I feel about those, but sometimes.....) and some cough suppressant.

My little Teague is almost back to normal.


Valerie said...

Don't feel bad... you asked all the right questions and then knew when to take Teague to the Dr. anyway. Jared never complained and the only time I knew he was really sick is when he got really quiet and would go lay on his bed.