Friday, August 8, 2008


Does it really work if you put a "No Soliciting" sign on your door? Please let me know!

I have seriously considered to just stop answering my door! I don't know if it where I live, or my cute house or my charming personality or what! But I get so many stinking solicitors at my door. During the day in the summertime I usually get 5-6 a week and if I can see that it is a solicitor I don't answer the door. However....when your kids are outside playing and they come to the home, there is no way around them! I said "No Thank You" at least a dozen times. And, it doesn't help when they are selling children's books and you have a book worm for a daughter that is standing there giving you the "pretty please" expression.
I stood my ground. I said "No Thank You" to his ridiculous payment plan, half now $235.00, half in two weeks. I said "No Thank You" four times to his counter offers of 4 different options, the cheapest being $116.00!
Call me crazy but doesn't "No Thank You" mean "NO THANK YOU!?"



Anonymous said...

Hi Karlyn,
You know it really doesn't help to put the sign out, but what I have found works even better, is you try to sell them something instead. It is so much fun to see them squirm and run!!!
Have a great day,
Holly Winegar

Tiffany said...

No the sign doesn't help always, but the other day I did see a salesman turn and walk away after getting to my sign! Yea! In the past I have just said to solicitors, "I only buy something if I have been thinking about it for a while, I am not interested, just because you showed up!" Sometimes you have to be kind of firm! Also, ask for a city business license-that usually makes them leave in a HURRY!

Delynn said...

Just pretend you don't speak an ounce of English. Works like a charm.

Emily F. said...

I put one up a couple of months ago and it hasn't helped a bit!

Mark VH said...

Errr....I saw the title of this post and for whatever reason though: "why is Karlyn posting on her blog about Prostitution?" I was ready to see if you were pro or against. As for sales guys, seeing that I am one of them, I always give them a chance to give their pitch before I shut them down. That is, unless they are calling on the phone during my TV time. That's a no no.

Christa said...

Move here (to NC) and live out in the country like I do, it's either the Elders or Jehovah Witnesses, but that's even rare. Oh and I have an English Mastiff, so even if he doesn't act hostile toward them, his size scares them back into their car.

sara said...

I have been wondering the same thing, we have this problem too! I think at least if you put one up you could say, "I have this sign up because I prefer not to be solicited. I'd appreciate if you respected it." And then firmly close the door!

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for others, but Catherine made a very little sign that says "Absolutely No Soliciting" and taped it in the window next to our door and it really does work, we have seen people turn away from the door without knocking because of it.

Now, not all of the people that come around door-to-door are not exactly literate, so some will not understand what it means and knock regardless. And then there are those that simply knock anyway, but at the very least, we know that about a third of those that come around read and respect it.