Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Drama Club BHS 1993

I joined facebook and suddenly I am busy catching up with all of my friends from High School, the Young Adult Ward, previous shows that I have been in, all kinds of people.

One of my High School friends posted some pictures of the 1992-1993 BHS Drama Club Officers in her photo album. I was one of those officers. Three of us that were officers have been chatting it up on facebook. When Sandra first told us that she was going to post them, I didn't think much of it and told her to go for it! Heather, on the other hand was not so excited. Here is some of the conversation between the three of us:

Sandra: What's going on Karlyn?? I was looking through my old photos the other day and I saw our Drama pictures of us making funny faces! I'm going to have to scan it and post it on my profile! So funny!
Karlyn: You need to because I have searched high and low for those photos with no avail.
Heather: (to sandra)Oooohhh Sandra, I saw what you said to Karlyn! Don't you *dare* post high school pictures, LOL! What a terrifying thought that anyone has photographic proof that I was such a dork back then!
(to sandra) Post them!!! Just to see/hear Heather's reactions would make it worth it! ;)
Heather:(to karlyn) Trouble Maker. That is what you are. And darn it if I don't love you for it.
Sandra: (to karlyn) Oh I'm gonna!! They're too funny not to... Look for them tomorrow..
Heather: (to sandra) Do NOT give in to temptation!! Karlyn is a VERY bad influence, always was and always will be. Or if you post them, make them very VERY private!
Heather: (to sandra) Okay, so here's the deal... If you post those photos, I claim any and all rights to steal them from your profile and (shamefully) post them on mine.

The pictures were posted....suddenly I am the one freaking out (a little bit) about it, and Heather...well...Heather is loving it!

Now, these are the comments left about photo #1 in Sandra's album:

Heather: Oh gods... you didn't.. Hahaha, oh these are priceless!
Sandra: Heather.. your face is priceless!! And look at Molly! Hahahaahhaahhaa!!!
Karlyn: I just said OUT LOUD, "Did I really have that BOW ON. MY. HEAD?"
I am laughing, Aaron just came walking in and said "Oh yes you did!"
Could this be any more embarrassing?
I have to do a blog entry on this...........
Heather: Hahaha, the bow is freaking hilarious!!!!
Mark (a friend of ours):Wow, and I think I look retarded when looking back at my old High School pictures. But you guys take the cake. I am almost embarrassed to say that I used to hang out with all of you. Yikes.
Heather: Hey, we were DAMN cool! Veritible legends in our own minds.
I showed this picture to Chance and he said "this photo should interest me, why?" didn't even realize I was in it!! Hahahaha

These are the comments left about photo #1 in Heather's album:

Heather: (on the cover of the album)This, my friends, is one of the most humiliating things I think I've ever done.
Heather: (her description/disclaimer on the photo)This is my serious face. So the one in the horrible 90's bow is Karlyn, crazy bitch and I love her to death. Then we have Sandra next to her, she could always make me smile! Mike was always very unique, known him since I can remember! I'm the one in the back with face. Phil, oh bless Phil, that's him looking all GQ with his raised eyebrow. Poor Phil put up with a lot of abuse from me and Karlyn at our SAT prep class. Then there was Mollie, the baby of our group. I miss her, she was crazy hilarious and would get the most adorably pained look on her face whenever someone said something even marginally PG-13 rated. Yes, for those who did NOT believe I was a drama geek.. this should settle that.
Stephanie (a friend of ours):The good old days
Karlyn: Okay, I love your description. I think I am done commenting. I may have to go do a disclaimer on mine.
Heather: Hehe, I'm not sure I'll ever be done commenting on these. Any time I need a laugh, out will come yet another comment. I am, however, going to go shower and get ready to go out and do some karaoke.
Ryan: (a friend of heather's) Wow...... The evidence of you being the coolest person ever is starting to pile up!
Sandra: Oh believe me...Heather was cool! The thought of skipping school would have never occurred to me, but she always had a plan.
Karlyn: True so true, always a plan. And you know, I never felt guilty about skipping when I was with her....we were having WAY to much fun.
Sandra: Oh the dress I wore is hideous! And I remember thinking that I looked so nice...that was my favorite dress!
Karlyn: You know, funny you should say that, because I was just thinking about my dress the other day and how much I loved it! I loved the "handkerchief" skirt, and the lace sleeves! Now I'm thinking....."1993 and hideous FLOWERS!" And I can't stop thinking about that bow!!! What the ef was I thinking....seriously! I don't think it was even in style to do that then.
Oh, and might I add.....look how freakin' skinny I was. Oh my......

Heather: Hahaha, yes, I was such a bad influence! And yes Ryan, I was so damn cool in high school (not!)... but I will say your brother got quite the kick out of these pictures. Especially the letterman's sweaters!
Yeah, that was so 1993, lol. I'm truly grateful that I did NOT have mall bangs in this picture. I was pretty damn skinny, too, haven't been that little since school.

These are the comments left about photo #1 in my album:

Karlyn: (on the cover) Okay, I guess I have to follow the lead of my two worst HS influences.......I hope you all enjoy the extreme nerdiness.
Lia (a friend of ours): Whoa, that takes me back... =) LOVE!

And this my photo #1!

From left to right: Karlyn, Sandra, Heather, Phillip, Mollie. sitting: Mike

Now for photo #2 comments left in Sandra's album:

Karlyn: This one is okay, we do look kind of cute....AND Sassy!
Heather: I actually kind of like this one.. although why are Mollie and I the only ones with our hands on our hips? Did we honestly pay someone to take pictures of us?
Probably was taken by the nerds from the Photo class.
Heather: Umm, I was in photo class, and I can assure you I didn't take this picture.
Karlyn: We got them done out at Royal Photography. I believe you two have your hands on your hips because you are on the ends!?
Heather: Huh. Yeah I suppose so. Guess my portraiture eye is just annoyed with the asymmetry.

comments left in Heather's album for photo #2

Stephanie: Sweet!
Ryan: You're like the superman of coolness. You wear a mild manor t-mobile employee costume, but in reality you're the coolest person that ever lived!
Karlyn: Um...coolest Ever? Hmmmmmmmmmm
Heather: Don't pay him any attention, Karlyn. Ryan is a little crazy, LOL.

And, for the comments in my album for photo #2:

Lia:So cute!
I should look for my sweater! We moved last year and I'm not sure where it ended up. Better make sure it's okay (lia was an officer the following year)

Here is photo #2

From left to right: Heather, Mike, Me, Phillip, Mollie. sitting: Sandra

I know this post is entirely too long, but isn't it hysterical? Okay, maybe just to me, Sandra, Heather, Mark, Stephanie, Ryan and Lia, but nonetheless.......


Karlyn said...

Piper just looked at this and said, "That's a cute bow!"

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh I was immediately transported right back to Orchard Drive and the halls of BHS. I have wondered about Facebook to catch up with others. But if I do someone might post high school pics of me. HEHE

Marisa said...

What a great blog. And look at that bow on your head! I love Facebook as well but I haven't had quite the exerience as this! Where is Heather now?

Aaron said...

Umm, not sure the "magic" would have happened between Karlyn and I if I would have met her during this phase. Then again, I was a super dork then as well.

Valerie said...

1. I see a big bow in Piper's immediate future. Maybe even Mommy and daughter twiner bows... wouldn't that be cute ;-)
2. More than the bow, I see that Karlyn has "the claw" bangs going on. I will just leave it at that since there might be photos of me with similar or worse hairstyles.
3. Dork, geek, nerd, whatever - these are the people that have the most fun and hopefully I fit in this world too.

Corinne said...

What a riot. It's awesome to see Mike and Phil again. It's so fun to get back in touch with people

Queen Mother said...

Nice dress and hairbow! LOL!!

Christa said...

OMG...You should so find that bow for Piper now...oh durn I just read your comment...hahaha

Leslie said...

wow. i love that bow.

Tiffany said...

LOVE the bow! I hate to admit I owned a few too. Oh the 90's....

Jenny in Utah said...

Wow - that is a great bow! Now I am kind of glad I was a child of the 80's - no bows back then (lots of other interesting thing though). And yes, I too, had a claw - I will NOT be posting that photo on my facebook or blog! You are brave. And, fyi, we have linked you too! - again - LOVE the hairdos!

sara said...

Those are TOO FUNNY!

Love the new family pic by the way, you guys are so adorable :)

Palmer Family said...

Karlyn--Whaz up? Meredith told me you had a little blog, so I found you! I REALLY like the bow. Tell Aaron that there was NO way he was a dork in High School. I thought he was cool! Wait...maybe I was a dork. Of course, I was. I got my thrills from corndoggin and water-ballooning people with Camille. Anyway...let me know if you know what's up with Camille. Is she moving back??? Sharra :)

Palmer Family said...

Oh yeah, I too was almost killed while water-ballooning with Camille. I've never been so scared that I was going to get me arse kicked!