Sunday, November 30, 2008


Christa tagged me to do my fourth photo from my fourth folder (which, by the way, is a tongue twister)....I am so happy to oblige......

That's right! This is Teague when he was in my tummy. It was early January 2003 and we had just found out he was a boy, now the hard part.....coming up with a name.

I tag; Candice, Jill and Demaree (because it will be neato to see what the sisters come up with), and also Marisa!


Christa said...

ok so I can't get over all the stuff in Utah with the church's name on it! LDS HOSPITAL?! Well I guess it makes since we have The Baptist Children's Hospital and Presbyterian Hospital. But wow, I never would have guessed in a million years. Is their moto Modest Care for Modest Ladies?

Jenny in Utah said...

laughing at the above comment!!! that's just funny. I had to look up the puke story - Oh my heck (yes, I am from Utah) - what a day! that is truly a good mom story and I am very impressed you made it through all of that with a smile on your face.