Friday, June 26, 2009

Wacko Jacko

I'm pretty sure that most people are going to be blogging about this, if they don't...well Facebook has it covered.

I am not a Michael Jackson fan, I never was. Not even in the third grade when all of the other little girls were. We all know that Lionel Richie is the one that I stay true to. I am a huge Lionel Richie fan, it's no secret that I was and always will be.

I remember the Moon Walk during Billie Jean, Wow! So cool! (please insert my sarcasm)I'm pretty sure that mimes (such as Marcel Marceau) had been doing it for years.

But more so, I remember sitting at Stephanie Cooks house watching Thriller over and over again. I had nightmares nearly every night because of that video. That, I must say was pretty amazing.

One of my friends on Facebook wrote;

"feels bad for the family of Farrah Fawcett. Not only for their loss, but in less than a day there's bigger news."

How true, how true.

I'm not a hater! I understand that he was the 'King of Pop.' I get that he was amazingly talented and truly defined the 80's. Not only in music, but in style and dance and video etc....But, what I don't understand is why is everybody mourning so? Don't you feel like we should have been mourning the loss of Michael Jackson about 18 years ago when his life started to unfold? From the vitaligo, plastic surgery, alleged molestations, drug, I'll just give you a link to The Smoking Gun.

Unfortunately, the truth is a day in history that will not be forgotten, it will fall under the question of "Where were you when......" Like these;

You found out about the terrorist attacks on 9/11?
Princess Dianna was killed?
You found out JFK was assassinated?
The Space Shuttle Challenger blew up?
Man first walked on the moon?
The Berlin Wall came tumbling down?
Hurricane Katrina hit?
Martin Luther King was assassinated?

I'm sorry, but does it seem as significant?

I will always remember where I was when I found out that Michael Jackson died. Sitting in front of my computer reading status updates on Facebook. More specifically, my Sister-in-law LuJayne's;

L.A. Has gone completely nuts due to Micheal Jackson's death...Sure am glad I don't need to drive there today!

Friday, June 19, 2009

YTU 2009

Piper has been counting down for awhile now. And, actually YTU has been in session this entire week. Today as we were driving home I told her that I was living vicariously through her...of course I had to explain to her what that meant. As she was going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about everything that she did today, I got a little choked up. It makes me so happy that she loves this so much. Truly happy.

On June 5, I got an e-mail reminder for the YTU Orientation that was to be on Monday, June 8. In the e-mail it also talked about the auditions for the "Advanced Acting Company." Piper didn't sign up to audition because I thought she was too young. It ends up that there wasn't an age limit and she could still audition. She just needed to come prepared with a monologue. I talked to her about auditioning. She said that she wanted to. I told her that I would try to find a monologue, but she didn't have a lot of time to practice and memorize. I also cautioned her that she is one of the youngest kids at theatre school and that the e-mail told me that nearly all of the students signed up to audition, so she probably wouldn't make it. And of course, my sweet Piper said, "But still, it will be a good experience just to audition. It's okay if I don't make it."

I found a great monologue from Alice in Wonderland. I found it on Sunday morning. The weekend caught up with me so fast, I felt so bad that I didn't find it sooner. Piper didn't practice her monologue at all on Sunday. My cousin's funeral was on Monday, so that left Aaron in charge of helping Piper memorize and block her monologue. Right before I left for the funeral - around 10:00 - Piper recited to me the first paragraph of the monologue. HOLY CRAP!!! She does not get this from me, I am the worst memorizer (I know this isn't a word) EVER....but that's a whole different story. When I got home - around 3:30 - we had a bunch of errands to run, after running the errands, we went straight up to the orientation/auditions. I never saw Piper do her monologue. She recited it to me in the car, but I never actually saw it.

While Piper was auditioning, I was picking up her t-shirts and her class schedule. The T-shirts are purple with a green mother board on the front. Very cute. When I got her schedule, I was so relieved to see 'Acting for Film and T.V.'. I knew how bad she wanted this class and it was filled on a first come first serve basis. She was also in the 'Gold Company,' Musical Theatre and Poetry in Motion.

When her audition was done I showed her the schedule and she was so happy. She said that she would like to see what else was offered in the Poetry in Motion time slot. There were a few options for her and in the end, she chose puppetry.

As we were driving home from the Orientation - around 8:30, forever later - we were talking about her audition. She said that it went well, and when we got home she performed it for Aaron and I. She did a fantastic job. I ask her if that is how she performed it at her audition and she said yes. We never heard anything.

Finally, Monday June 15 rolled around, and an excited Piper was ready to go. She was so quiet the whole ride up, not a word. Nerves? I'm not sure, but I enjoyed the quiet ride. I dropped her off and she went running in.

I went up to get her at 3:00, but classes didn't get out until 3:30, so I talked to some teen aides and some other moms that were there waiting and I started reading notes on the wall. I saw a list that said "Black Company: Advanced Acting" I noticed Robin's name first on the list. I didn't think much of it, Robin is Psycho talented (and Piper's BEST friend). Then I continued reading....Guess who's name was on the list? That's right, about halfway down it said Piper Salazar! About 50 kids auditioned. 13 made it and my little Piper is one of them.

So, instead of the 'Musical Theatre *Gold Company*', she is 'Advanced Acting *Black Company*'And I am so proud. These kids are actually writing the script for the show that they will be performing. I cannot wait to see it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

MASTER Salazar

I have been working on this post for a week! Now, I bet you think it is going to be amazing, but it's just that Google has been a little wacky on the uploading of pictures and such. So, hopefully it all turns out okay.

It is absolutely, positively 100% official...Aaron is done with school. Well, for the time being. I'm pretty sure that he is going to come home one day and say that he wants to do more. But until then, he is done.

It was a long day, but SO worth it. We started out at a Brunch on the Westminster campus. Aaron, the kidlets and I met up with John and Annie and ate a lot of Bacon and some other breakfast items.

Then we headed out to the E-Center for the commencement. Geez, it was so long, but that's okay, because not only were all the speakers fantastic, but my kidlets were SO good.

We sat Through all of the stuff that they do before graduates actually walk, then we sat through all of the BA, BFA and BS graduates. Then, they finally moved on to the Masters graduates.

I've been trying to add a video here, with no luck. SERIOUSLY! What is up with Google?
I will add it when I can.

These are some pictures after the Graduation. Aaron's Uncle Santos came.

Of course, our little family

and Aaron's parents.

My mom's knee is really bad right now, so they weren't able to come. But...I commend anyone that would willingly sit through all of that. After the Graduation, we went to eat at Texas Roadhouse, and only waited about 8 years, but it was so yummy.

All I have to say is I AM SO PROUD of Aaron! It has been a long two years, but I know that in the long run it is going to be well worth it!! He did it for us! For his little flamily! Thank you Aaron, we love you! Now......he just needs a job.