Friday, June 26, 2009

Wacko Jacko

I'm pretty sure that most people are going to be blogging about this, if they don't...well Facebook has it covered.

I am not a Michael Jackson fan, I never was. Not even in the third grade when all of the other little girls were. We all know that Lionel Richie is the one that I stay true to. I am a huge Lionel Richie fan, it's no secret that I was and always will be.

I remember the Moon Walk during Billie Jean, Wow! So cool! (please insert my sarcasm)I'm pretty sure that mimes (such as Marcel Marceau) had been doing it for years.

But more so, I remember sitting at Stephanie Cooks house watching Thriller over and over again. I had nightmares nearly every night because of that video. That, I must say was pretty amazing.

One of my friends on Facebook wrote;

"feels bad for the family of Farrah Fawcett. Not only for their loss, but in less than a day there's bigger news."

How true, how true.

I'm not a hater! I understand that he was the 'King of Pop.' I get that he was amazingly talented and truly defined the 80's. Not only in music, but in style and dance and video etc....But, what I don't understand is why is everybody mourning so? Don't you feel like we should have been mourning the loss of Michael Jackson about 18 years ago when his life started to unfold? From the vitaligo, plastic surgery, alleged molestations, drug, I'll just give you a link to The Smoking Gun.

Unfortunately, the truth is a day in history that will not be forgotten, it will fall under the question of "Where were you when......" Like these;

You found out about the terrorist attacks on 9/11?
Princess Dianna was killed?
You found out JFK was assassinated?
The Space Shuttle Challenger blew up?
Man first walked on the moon?
The Berlin Wall came tumbling down?
Hurricane Katrina hit?
Martin Luther King was assassinated?

I'm sorry, but does it seem as significant?

I will always remember where I was when I found out that Michael Jackson died. Sitting in front of my computer reading status updates on Facebook. More specifically, my Sister-in-law LuJayne's;

L.A. Has gone completely nuts due to Micheal Jackson's death...Sure am glad I don't need to drive there today!


Anonymous said...

Um, yeah - I like some of his really old stuff, but that's about it. I never understood why he was any more famous than oh, say, Depeche Mode or something. Obviously he was talented with regards to singing and dancing, but seriously - big deal.

Basically, he was accused of doing some things that are despicable. If he were merely accused of stealing a sequined glove from Neiman Marcus or maybe getting high smoking pot, it would be one thing. But why would ANYONE want to let their kid near him after the first accusation was made? Sorry, no way.

The world adulates the strangest people, and this is just one instance. Personally, I don't think the death of any celebrity deserves as much news as they end up getting.

ermakaluso said...

I totally remember watching Thriller over and over and over at Stephanie's as well! That is the one thing that came to my mind when I found out (from Facebook as well!) that he had died. And I loved that status update with Farrah. So true. Happy Birthday tomorrow! We need to figure out which day works next week to get together and play!

Lisa said...

AMEN to all of that. the world (and m.j. himself) are all better off.