Friday, July 31, 2009

A New Approach To Blogging

Ever since I got home from China, blogging has not been as easy for me to do. At first, I could blame it on Western Nut and Christmas. Then Aaron got laid off and I would tell myself that I didn't blog because he was always home and I had to entertain him. But, I could play on Facebook, so that obviously isn't the reason. I am mad at myself for a couple of reasons;

- I was an avid journal keeper from the ages of about 11 to 21.

Then for some reason I just stopped. This bothers me, because I will read my journals and be so happy that I have those memories written down. I have attempted a few times since I have been married, but it only lasts a couple of months.
-Blogging has been a great way to 'journal' since I don't scrapbook. It has been a great way to hang on to those memories for my kidlets sake. This, is why I am angry....I don't want them to forget these wonderful memories.

So, I've been thinking.....I follow a few blogs where at the end of the entry they list a few things that they are thankful for that particular day. My last 'journaling attempt' (back in the summer of 2007) I did this. I called them *MM's* Mini Miracles. I am going to start doing this as well. I hope those of you that I follow that do this don't mind that I am taking it on myself. Some days, I may only have one *MM,* because it might just be *one of those days!* I mean, what if I have a really crappy day or week and I am just not thankful for anything? And, some days I might have several, I just don't know. Let's see how it goes.

Also, I am just going to make them Short, Sweet and to the point and maybe include a picture or two. I want people to read my entries, rather than just skim through and look at the pictures. (Did I just admit that I am guilty of this? Ooops, sorry!) I think I may even try to make them more pleasing to the eye. (WATCH OUT!! I might start getting a little kree8ive!)

So...Stay tuned! I will start tomorrow.


Corinne said...

Good for you, friend. Spicing things up is always good :)