Sunday, February 28, 2010


Seriously, I need help!

I have an appointment to get my hair done
(wow, that sounds like something an old lady would say) on Wednesday.

I don't know what I want done.

What cut do you folks like best?

Take a look at pictures of me here on the blog

or on facebook - if you're my friend.

Do I just want to clean it up a little?
Do I want to go short again?
Do I want a square bob?
(apparently that is a style...Thanks Yancey!)
Do I want a steep A-line?
Do I want a Mormon bob?
Do I want bangs?

Seriously people...HELP ME!

1- hair
2- honest opinions


Jenny in Utah said...

You could totally rock the Kate Gosselin reverse mullet!!! ;)

(Okay, okay - I just want you to do it so I can send photos of you around the internet!!!)

Lisa said...

Lisa said...

waiting to hear/see about the hair!

**Amy** said...

I love your short and sassy haircut. It really fits your personality and you totally rock it!

Christa said...

You've received a blog award! Go to my blog to see what it is!

Steph said...

What's up! You haven't blogged in forever. You must be really busy with school. So . . . I was hoping to see a picture of the cut. Also, something must be up. I think I have dreamed about you like three times lately. Pretty strange. You had REALLY short hair in my dream, so it was kind of weird to hear that you could cut your hair into a bob. Anyway, post a picture.