Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have this child...

...She is pretty much,

I'm not sure where exactly she came from!
I know she didn't get her traits from me.
She got them from Aaron.

Guess what?

She is NINE!

Yes, NINE.

I think about how long NINE years is.
Kindergarten through Eighth grade is NINE years.
Fourth grade through your Senior year in High School is NINE years.
Age twelve to age twenty-one (the age I was when I met Aaron) is NINE years.
It will be NINE years in September since 9/11.
It doesn't seem like it has been NINE years...at all. It has gone by way too fast.
In NINE years, she will be 18! She will most likely be living somewhere far away from me for school. I'm NOT ready for that. I'm not ready for her to grow up...I guess that doesn't matter, it's going to happen anyway.

Piper truly is an incredible person! She has so many beautiful traits that I wish I had.

*She is absolutely 100% selfless.

*She is absolutely 100% THE most thoughtful person I know.

*She is SO incredibly smart, SO smart it scares me.

*She is SO obedient. The only thing she doesn't do is clean her room. Honestly, I can't complain...though I do.

*She is so sensitive, almost to a fault.

*Her talents make me jealous.

*Her "Can Do Attitude" is amazing...if she sets her mind to it, it's done.

*She cares SO much about the people surrounding her, everybody else's feelings come before her own.

All of these things come naturally to her and all of these things are "The Inside." On "THE OUTSIDE," we can all see how gorgeous she is.

For her birthday, she invited four of her closest friends to have pedicures

and manicures and lunch at Pace's Dairy Ann.

It was such a fabulous day with some wonderful friends.

I love this little girl SO much, I get all emotional and teary-eyed just thinking about her. She has such a bright future. I am SO proud of her. I often wonder what I did to deserve such a sweet, sweet soul.



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