Monday, May 31, 2010

A Theatre Major

JUST some of the things I LOVE about being a Theatre Major...

Great Friends
(please don't look at me in this picture, okay, do, but don't judge that look on my face)
This picture was taken at "The Rocky Horror Show!"

Enormous signs
(That apparently STILL don't work)


(I SO wish I were in this picture, I had a big cape/cloak thingy on too!)

Obvious LOVE for Karlyn
(I was being tickled)

Prince & Princesses
(Prince Passion and Princess Jordan)

Fairy God Mothers


(this picture is epic! Too bad the lighting sucks.)

Getting Ready
(we all help each other)

(interpret as you wish)

Goofing off
(again...interpret as you wish)

Access to boobs
(you may not be able to tell, but I am a full C in this picture! Not my usual Almost A!)


And, comfy couches in PAB
(for studying & napping)

1- All of the above