Wednesday, January 25, 2012

February 2011

Just like January, I may have lied a bit!
However, I was still SO busy with Target, it wasn't until February 28 that I started working one day a week.

February was the month that the kidlets auditioned for, made and rehearsed for "The Boxcar Children," Piper was Violet and Teague was Benny, so it was really busy.

Usually when the kidlets are involved in productions, they aren't at every single rehearsal. They are usually in some musical numbers and/or some scenes. However, with Boxcar Children, they were in every single scene,
so they were at every single rehearsal...
...every single day...
...for six weeks.
They loved it.
I will talk about the performances for my March post.

Aaron turned 37 in February
(so he'll be one year closer to 40 in a week!)

I can't remember what we did for his birthday!
Oh. My. Gosh!
I know I got him a red hoodie...

Anybody that knows me, knows that Valentines is the one time of year that I get all crafty for the kidlets. I make homemade Valentines. 2011, it was ladybugs.

Aaron and I went as saw the world premier of " The Persian Quarter" by Kathleen Cahill at
Salt Lake Acting Company

Click here for a quick preview

It was very interesting. I really enjoyed it. I think I may have enjoyed it more so because when I was a young teenager at Theatre School, I had a huge crush on one of my acting teachers. That acting teacher was Shane Mozaffari, the actor that played Rumi. The rest of the cast was also fantastic! I love Nell Gwynn, she is amazing.

Click here for the cast bios/pics - you may or may not understand my crush...

Either way, it really was interesting and I thought about it a lot, the play even came up for discussion in my playwriting class.

February was a fun and busy month.