Thursday, February 9, 2012

It was NOT intentional, it just happened...

Aaron and I always wanted to give our babies' names that couldn't be shortened, we wanted to call them what we named them. I've always thought it was strange to give your child a name and then call them something different.
(this is my own opinion, it's totally okay if you disagree with me)

You can shorten Piper, but we never have and neither has anyone else, except her ballet teacher. Miss Megan started calling her "Pipes" when she was only three - any of you that know me, know that this would most likely drive me nuts - BUT it didn't, in fact, I thought it was the cutest thing ever, I still do. Miss Megan still calls her Pipes, and she is the only person that does. I love it.

Piper spent the first week of her life in Primary Children's Hospital. Whenever a nurse walked by her, they would comment on what a "Pretty" baby she was. The trend continued when we brought her home. She was always "Pretty," every once in a while we would get a "Cute," but rarely.

Then, I started calling her "Pretty." I have ever since. I don't call her this on a regular basis, it's just my special nickname for my daughter. I usually don't even notice that I call her "Pretty." People will ask "What's her name?" Of course, I'll respond with "Piper." Then they will say something like "Oh, I thought you called her 'Pretty.'"

There is one person - who shall remain nameless, but is very closely related to me - who HATES that I call her Pretty! Literally HATES it! And gets after me every time *she hears me call her it. This person thinks that it going give Piper an attitude... I don't think so...


You can't really shorten Teague, but people always tend to lengthen it...His name isn't a nickname for Teagan, it's just Teague. We've run into lengthy nicknames like Teaguey or Teaguer Weaguer (cousins came up with this one). We call him by his name.

Aaron and I also had some discussion about nicknames in general and how we never wanted to call our son "Sport," or "Son" or "Bud/Buddy."

Teague has an array of nicknames. Depending on the situation, here are some; Monkey, Stinky, Midge (short for midget), Kiddo, Handsome, Teaguer Weaguer (as mentioned before) and based on Teague's personality you can probably see why all of these nicknames work! But...Guess what I call him? I'm almost embarrassed to admit, but it totally works for me...again, I don't call him this on a regular basis, it's just my special nickname for my son, I (again) usually don't even notice that I call him this, and it's one of the nicknames mentioned on the list of "nevers."

I call Teague "Buddy/Bud."

Like the title of this post says,

"It was not intentional, it just happened..."

I didn't intentionally choose either of these nicknames for my kidlets, they just happened.

These are their special Momma nicknames,
nobody else calls my kidlets
Pretty or Buddy,
only I do,
and that's what I love about these names.


Tiffany said...

Oh I couldn't agree more about this post. I have a friend who only one of her four children is called by their real name!!!!Major pet peeve of mine too. I DREAD the day Joshua starts school and some will refer to him as Josh. Major pet peeve. He is JOSHUA!! As for pet names--we have a few unique ones too for our kids.

Keep calling Piper "pretty" you're the mother. Do whatever you damn well please. Tell the person to shut it.