Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pictures of the past VIII

As you probably know by now, it has been snowing WAY TOO MUCH in Utah. My crap, I am soooo done with the snow, it is beautiful, but I HATE driving in it and I HATE shoveling my walk and driveway! Will someone buy me a snowblower? It is nearly a record breaking year, they say that it hasn't snowed like this in Utah since '83 - the year of "THE FLOOD."

Anyway, here are some cute pictures. Piper made this snowman all by herself.

And, Teague made all of these snowballs to sell....for free. Luckily our cute neighbor came buy and "bought" one, and Teague was so nice, he let her "buy" two!!


Valerie said...

I love the idea of selling snowballs for free... and that Piper put sunglasses on her snowman. This made me think how important and special your blog is - so that you can remember all the special things your kids do.

sara said...

i miss snow!!! i can't imagine how sick of it you must be, but i am equally sick of beautiful sunny days! i'd give anything to build a snowman :)