Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pictures of the past II

Yet another family tradition, The Festival of Trees (couldn't find a good link), we usually kind of hurry through it because walking up and down the isle looking at 6-700 trees gets a little old rather quickly. This year, we were looking for one particular tree. The one for Desiree and Travis Bastian.

The Bastian's live in our ward, in fact Bishop Edgley talked about the accident in a recent conference talk. Here is the post I did on that.

Anyway, we finally found the tree. About half way through, we were so tired so I booked it up and down the isles to find it, then I got the rest of the family to show them, anyway, here it is: We also get a cinnamon roll every year, but of course, they were all sold out, so we didn't get one, but I think that I was the only disappointed.