Monday, October 8, 2007

This is my Ward/Neighborhood

To listen to Bishop Edgley's talk Click here.

I have to admit, it is a little intimidating having both Lynn Robbins and Richard Edgley in our ward. But at the same time, it really is the best ward ever, at least that I have been in, with the exception of the Young Adult ward that Aaron and I met in.

Our ward really is amazing! There has been so much tragedy, not only with the deaths with the five young people the Bishop Edgley talked about, but with other things as well, such as: cancer, comas, strokes, infant deaths etc. One night I couldn't stop thinking about everything that had happened in our ward, so I got out the ward directory. There are 15 families in our ward that have lost one or more children, weather it be still born births, infant deaths or otherwise. That really struck me. 15 is a lot. There is about 110 families in the ward.

There is definitely something special about our ward, I really feel like 8 years ago, Aaron and I were led to our neighborhood. We were actually going to build a house. Somehow, our lot got sold out from underneath us and we decided to just look for a home. We got a great deal and moved in the first week in January of 2000. Of course, the elders quorum was there helping us move in pretty much immediately. It has been a wonderful eight (nearly) years. The past couple of years, our ward has definitely grown closer and closer with everything that has happened.

If I ever need any help with anything, I can think of at least two dozen women off the top of my head that will be willing at a moments notice. I can think of at least two dozen men that would be available for a blessing at a moments notice. I have used these women and men a few times. Our ward has been really great with helping me out when Aaron is in school and babysitting the kidlets when I have been at Western Nut (an entirely different post)We are blessed to be a part of it. If we ever do leave, it will be hard, but at the same time, is there a bad ward? No, but probably not one as exceptional as the Ricks Creek Ward in Centerville, UT!!!