Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Autumn at Home.

I LOVE the neighborhood that I grew up in! Not only because of all the kids my age and the night games and the bike riding and the church hill for sledding and rolling down and the kiddie walk and the parties and all the great kid stuff, but the actual street(s) itself...breath taking. In the winter when the trees are covered with snow. In the spring and summer when the trees are covered with green leaves. But mostly in the autumn when the trees are covered with various colors of leaves, such as; Red, Yellow, Green, Orange and Brown. Unfortunately there are no red leaves this year because apparently the summer was so hot that it bleached the color out of the leaves, but it is still beautiful. Take a look. This is 750 East.

This is 550 North.

This is my house and the gutter.

I remember raking leaves in all of the yards and hauling them over to one of our yards, usually ours or our neighbors across the street, and having the biggest leaf pile in the world to play in. I remember our moms coming out to remind us not to put them in the gutter (they didn't want us to get run over). I remember laying down in the pile and then having my friends cover me up while I close my eyes and mouth tighter than I ever had before. I remember jumping out of the leaves being able to breathe again. I remember running and sliding into the pile and seeing how scattered the leaves would get. I remember it being chilly enough to get hot chocolate when I went inside after playing. I remember the sad sad day that we would have to clean up the leaves before it rained or snowed, loading them into a HUGE black garbage bag and putting them on the street for the garbage man to pick up.

It's funny how more than 20 years later these wonderful memories flood my mind, and I even get a little teary eyed watching my kidlets do the same thing in the exact same neighborhood and yard that I did it in.

Piper and Teague buried.

Piper and Teague running and jumping to scatter leaves.

Piper and Teague, and Piper and Teague with the next door neighbors.


AP said...

Ohh I miss the autumn! How beautiful.