Sunday, October 7, 2007


Do you remember this movie?
So on Friday night after an expensive (expensive for our little family) dinner at Outback, which we haven't eaten at since before Piper was born, we went to Target with the list of kids movie suggestions in our hands. We had decided earlier that day that we would build a fort and watch one of the movies on this list with the kidlets. We mostly just wanted to have good family time together since we haven't for awhile due to Aaron's school schedule.
The kidlets really wanted to look in the Halloween section, so while Aaron was with the kidlets, I looked through the movies. Of all the movies on the list, the only one that Target had was "Mary Poppins," but I wasn't going to pay $20.00 for it, especially since we had just spent most of our paycheck at Outback. So, I found 3 others that I thought they might like; Jumanji, The Sandlot (one of my FAVORITES) and Gremlins. I found Aaron and we discussed it. Upon further inspection of the movies, we realized that The Sandlot was a sing a long!? And so we were now deciding between Jumanji and Gremlins....Gremlins it is...mostly because it is just strange...and so are we!

I'm going to go off track here for a minute and tell you something that happened at Outback. I placed the cash(we pay for everything in cash) in the thing to pay the bill, the waitress came and got it and I told that I just wanted $3.00 back. I was counting the cash in my wallet, I didn't say anything, but I thought to myself, "How have we gone through this much cash already?" So, the waitress came back with the $3.00 and said, "Were you aware that you gave me two twenty dollar bills, not just one?" ......Anyway, I was so impressed with the waitresses honesty. She could have easily made an extra twenty bucks that night, and I probably wouldn't have thought about it again. I made sure to talk to the Manager on my way out.

So, back to Family time. We got the kids all psyched up to build a fort and watch Gremlins, so When we got home we took all of the kitchen chairs downstairs and got a couple of blankets and built a fort.
Then we piled in and watched the movie.

For the first little while, the kids kept saying things like, "This is a fun movie." and "This was a good decision for the movie." They thought that Gizmo was so cute, and that they old lady that went to the bank was so mean. But you know, the cute little Mogwais if fed after midnight turn into GREMLINS! They started getting a little uneasy, and they were up cuddling in between Aaron and I. THEN....the science guy was killed by a Gremlin, and Piper was freaking out! She was crying. Teague was just sitting there, but you could sense the fear in him. The scariest part for Piper was when "Stripe, the leader" was in the swimming pool multiplying, she was sobbing saying, "What's going to happen, what's going to happen?" At this point we ask her if she wanted us to turn the movie off, Teague was quick to say "NO!," but Piper had to think about it for a minute, she said that she wanted to watch the rest. After a couple of minutes they were back down below Aaron and I laughing hysterically at all the funny things the Gremlins were doing. The Gremlins in the movie theatre was among their favorite.
Teague won't stop talking about the movie, and he can tell you the three rules of taking care of a Mogwai. However, Piper will only talk about the "cute" parts of the movie. She is still a little worried that a Gremlin may show up somewhere in the house.
Even though it was a little scary for the kidlets, this was a fun movie night.


Corinne said...

Wow. You're a brave little family. Xavier wouldn't even stay in the room for that movie if I tried it!!