Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Little Hockey Player

Today was Teague's first Hockey practice. At first, I got a little teary eyed because he was struggling. I wanted to go out there and rescue my little boy. But I didn't. Luckily the coaches did their job and coached him well. He fell a few times, but he got right back up.

At one point, he gave his coach his stick and told him he didn't want it anymore, so he skated without it for a few minutes. My favorite part was watching him hit the puck! HOLY COW, he can really hit that thing. He was there for an hour and 15 minutes and he never got discouraged and never wanted to quit. Every time he fell, he got right back up. As I was watching him watch the older boys play hockey I could see the determination in that little body of his. I cannot wait to see him keep up with the other players. He is the littlest one there, and there is only little boy that is younger, but he has been playing hockey since he was in the womb. I am very proud of him.

Piper and I had to leave a little early since she had rehearsal, but on the way out, I talked to the gentleman that is the coaching director and he was also the one that ordered the jerseys, he told me that Teague is going to be #0. This is great! 0 is Teague's favorite number. Yesterday, Teague said to me, "I wonder what number I am going to be." I said, "I'm not sure, but we did request 0 or 00, so we will have to see!" Then he said, "But what if I'm 39?" So when I found out that he was going to be 0, I was very happy. The man said that he had never had that request before.


Valerie said...

Teague will get the hang of this in no time. Then there will no holding him back!