Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Tradition?

Well, I'm not sure yet.
Last year we went and saw "The Nightmare before Christmas, 3D." I thought it was a one time thing, so we (actually Teague) were pretty excited when we saw an advertisement for it this year. I think Teague only saw the advertisement one time, but everyday since then he told everyone that he saw that we were going to go see it. Teague LOVES this movie, he is obsessed with this movie, particularly Jack Skellington, he even sleeps with a Jack doll. He is constantly drawing pictures of Jack, even in church. He has sheets and pillows and his favorite blanket is his Jack blanket. He goes to sleep listening to the soundtrack. Could he be more obsessed? Yes, he wants a Jack room.
Anyway, our little family met Angela and Seth at the movie theatre for the movie. We all got drinks, popcorn, nachos and candy. We wanted the full movie experience. For some reason my kids really like getting Popcorn AND nachos AND Junior mints. I like to see how much of it they can eat before getting sick, not really. Teague was mostly excited for the 3D glasses that you get to keep. He and Piper and Seth pretty much put them on and kept them on the entire night. Luckily they did take them off when we went to Wingers to get Aaron some chicken wings. Which he had been craving for a couple of days.
So, I guess we will find out next year if this is going to be another Salazar family tradition.