Monday, October 15, 2007

Seth's Birthday

I remember the day Seth was born like it was yesterday. When the nurse brought him to the window of the nursery to show us all, Grandpa John said, "It is Angela, he looks just like Angela." I was only only about 4 months pregnant with Piper at the time. I was working for my dad and when we found out Angela was in labor, I left my dad's office and Aaron left his work. Gina, Jason, Morgan and Josh were also there. And if I remember correctly Grandma and Grandpa Johnson were there too. Wow.
That was SEVEN years ago. He had his birthday party at Fat Cats in Midvale. My kidlets were so excited to go bowling, they LOVE bowling. Seth got a PSP for his birthday,so Teague got him Spiderman the movie to watch on it, and Piper got him an air cannon.My kids have a limit of $10.00 for a birthday present, so we thought we could get him one $20.00 present or 2 $10.00 presents, we opted for the 2 presents, because 2 is usually better than 1.
Seth invited some friends from his neighborhood, Thomas and Nathan and all of his cousins; Morgan, Josh, Zac, Piper and Teague. All 8 kids bowled on one lane, it took forever. Angela, Aaron and I bowled on another lane, it didn't take so long. Whenever we got a strike or a spare, we would do a back spin. That is some strange thing we started when Aaron and I were dating and we've done it ever since. Grandpa John, Grammie Annie and Gina were also there, however, they didn't bowl. It was very fun.
Unfortunately we didn't get any good pictures. We got pictures, just not good ones, but this is our awesome nephew Seth.


Ang said...

That's my boy!