Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I cannot believe that I haven't posted the wonderful news! Piper auditioned for the Nutcracker with Mountain West Ballet. She made it! She is going to be a "Sugar Plum Page." As you can imagine, she is ecstatic. The only foreseen problem is that she is doing her HONK! revival so she will be in rehearsals the same time, so her Saturdays are going to be pretty crazy for about 3 weeks. I guess I could say "MY" Saturdays.
Since our schedules are getting full, I will be putting the calendar back up so you can see everything such as Piper's performance dates for HONK! and The Nutcracker and Teagues Hockey game schedule.
I'm so proud of my kidlets.


Valerie said...

Sounds like a fun Fall for you and the kidlets. I am looking forward to going to some of these performances. I was teasing Piper about her getting her two roles mixed up... like doing her Honk at the Nutcraker and vice versa. I hope she knows I was teasing because she would never mix these up.

Corinne said...

How exciting!! And, I like how you mentioned how much more work it will be for YOU!! The things we do to make our children happy :)