Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Daddy's little helper

Okay, so how cute is this?

As most of you know, my lovely car has been out of commission for awhile. It started about a month ago when the clutch started slipping! Yes, we needed to get a new clutch. I had my car back from the shop for a couple of days when suddenly my car decided not to start! Completely at random, sometimes it would start and sometimes it wouldn't. STRANGE. It ended up we needed a new starter. It was going to cost us about $430.00 to have the mechanic do it at the shop, so we decided that Aaron would do it....Um....I drove my dad's HUGE Cadillac for about a week and a half until Aaron actually had some time to fix it. With work, school and studying Aaron doesn't usually have time for anything.

So, on Halloween afternoon Aaron fixed my car, and Teague was so excited that he got to help. And he really truly felt like he was helping tons. He sat in the oil stained garage with the old starter a couple of screws and an electric screwdriver. And of course he also helped by rearranging the socket set, and bolts and all the other little tools.

I also have to give a shout out to my dad here. He is the greatest. He has helped Aaron and I and our little family so much through our ten and a half years of marriage, I don't think that there is an appropriate way to thank him. Even though I was totally embarrassed to drive the big gold Cadillac, what would I done without that car? I think he just gets it! He understands that my sweet Aaron works full-time so I can stay at home with my kidlets and he is working on his MBA/TM so our little family will be better in the long run.

My dad worked a lot when I was a kid, but because of that my mom was able to stay home with the five of us, and we had a great childhood. My dad has worked so hard all of his life, and it has payed off. He and my mom finally have everything they have wanted and more, including my mom's dream kitchen. They have traveled the world together. And I must say, I can't think of anybody that deserves it more.

Here is my dad's website. If you need a home elevator, this is the place to go.

The Elevator Company


Valerie said...

That is awesome that you and Aaron let Teague help. Funny how all little (and big) boys like to fix things.