Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

The Grimm Reaper and Optimus Prime hit the neighborhood streets On Halloween night, slowly, slowly, slowly but surely. I could not figure out why they were meandering from house to house. They didn't even seem to be excited. I kept telling them to get excited and to be proactive about trick or treating and to check out all of the candy and to think that they are only going to be getting more!We have a neighbor that does this huge Bar-b-que thing in his driveway. Hot dogs and Hot chocolate. A big screen with the game and a local family band. And, two bon fires. We stayed there for awhile. While we were there, the kids costumes came off! WHAT? It ends up Piper was NOT feeling good at all! And I think Teague was feeding off of her energy. So, when we got home we hurried and got the costumes back on so we could go see Maamaa and Grandpa Larry.

Val and Doyle.

And everyone who was at Grammie's house. While at Grammies, Piper came down with a fever and fell asleep in my arms while

Teague was entertaining everyone.

Our next door neighbor does home made chili and bread sticks every year, unfortunately we didn't make it to her house in time, but her son Josh brought some over for us. Thanks Theresa! We will get your bowl back to you!

I feel so bad that I was getting frustrated with the kidlets for not being more excited. Piper is still sick and hasn't been to school. I love those little turds so much it is incredible. They told me that they still had a good time.

Happy Halloween!


Corinne said...

It's always SUCH a bummer when munchkins aren't feeling good on special days - hard for them and us :) Sounds like you all still had a blast though!!

Valerie said...

Thanks for dropping by our house even though Piper was not feeling well. We love being part of your family's traditions and look forward every year to the Halloween visit.