Monday, November 19, 2007

Charlotte's Web Auditions

Thursday night, Piper Teague and I auditioned for "Charlotte's Web." I know what you are all're thinking I'm crazy, you're thinking, "what more can you add to your plate with Western Nut, Hockey, Nutcracker, HONK!, Act Up, Jazz, Ballet, Tap etc....." well, rehearsals don't start until February. By that time Western Nut and Nutcracker will be over, and Hockey will almost be over. We wouldn't have rehearsals on Friday (Jazz, tap and ballet day) and so that would only leave Act Up on Wednesdays. And HONK! is already over. So, I'm really not that crazy.

I am so proud of my kidlets! They both read for Baby spiders. Holy cow, they did SO GOOD, and I'm not just saying that because they are my kids, they really did do an incredible job. People kept commenting to me how well behaved they were. And how well they speak and enunciate. And, that they could actually hear them. That is one thing about the HYDE (my maiden name) gene....we are blessed with very loud voices. I read for Mama Arable. All in all, we did a good job. We are suppose to know by tonight weather or not we made it. I did get an e-mail from Penny saying that Xan was going to hold another set of auditions today at 4:00 for those kids that were in HONK! and weren't able to make it to the other auditions, so we'll see.