Monday, November 12, 2007

The post you've been waiting for!

My kiosk opened on Saturday (the 10th), so far a little shakey. We have a different location than usual, not a good one. We had been in our previous location for six years. I do not have phone lines, that means no Internet, no intranet, no fax, no phone, but worst of all, no Credit/Debit cards! HELLO, we are in the 21st century not very many people write checks or use cash anymore! Hopefully this problem will be solved sooner than later.
Aaron is working for me! He is the Sunday shift! My dear friend Lacey is working for me, she does a few closing shifts during the week, and of course Laura is working for me, she has worked for me since I started managing, she does the other closing shifts. And Melanie, I don't know her and she has never worked for me, she was hired by the temp staffing agency that does our payroll. She is doing my late afternoon shift. And Saturdays kind of alternate between all of us. And my kids think that they are working for me. Piper loves to come up and help and she actually does a really great job, she is a great Sales person. I pay her fifty cents an hour. (maybe I will give her a raise this year)
Western Nut is a huge blessing in our lives. In 2004, my friend Stephanie was managing the kiosk, she called me to see if I knew anyone that might be interested in working a couple of afternoons a week, I told her that I wanted to do it. Come to find out, that was going to be her last year doing it, so it sort of got passed down to me in 2005. Not only does this little gig pay for Christmas, but it pays for the kidlets school, so...unless we become millionaires any time soon, I will manage the Western Nut Kiosk every year. Besides the money, I really love doing it! I love the interaction with my customers and it isn't hard to sell a product that sells itself. And, it is kind of nice to get away for awhile.
If you need any nuts, just let me know! Or come up and see me at the Layton Hills Mall. I am on the second floor in the little hallway that leads to Mervyns.


Corinne said...

Wow. I totally forgot about Mervyns. Great for you!!